Daily Prompt: Noise


When you grow up in a town with more than 10,000 population you will get noise, it cannot be avoided. The rumble of traffic is night and day. Growing up in the 1950’s I got used to it. Our old house in Bethnal Green in London seemed to be the main connection through London for trucks, lorries and busses. We also had the market criers selling their vegetables. The roads were still suffering from the after war lumps and bumps and so the wheels of the traffic also bumped as they moved along the streets and roads.  At the same time London was being rebuilt. The rubble from the bombed buildings was being removed by noisy machines. That was a shame really, I had the ideal adventure playgrounds stumbling in the ruins of half demolished houses and even discovering their gardens which still had a few remnants of plant life from the previous owners.

London was being rebuilt. It was the time of the first cranes. The were poking up everywhere and they made their own noise. Today we still have cranes, but they have been developed and make hardly no noise. We would hear every twist and turn of the cranes in Bethnal Green, one of the densest populated parts of London, the East End.

The noises were my background music. In 1966 I moved to Switzerland. Where was the noise? Of course there was traffic in Zürich, but it was not the hustle and bustle of London. Even Swiss traffic behaved.

Noise does not bother me today, I was programmed at a young age. Mr. Swiss discovers all sorts of disturbances to his peaceful calm Swiss life. I have developed my own system. When the kids were at their noisiest, I could exclude their shouts, and comments and even read a book. I would close to my ears to the noise, I had years of practice growing up in London. Of course if the kids needed my attention, I would be there for them, that is motherly instinct.

I now live in an area where the cows make the most noise and perhaps now and again an ambulance will be on its route to the hospital in the next town. That is a noise I pay attention to, especially if the horn stops nearby.

At the moment I just hear the tap of my keyboard on the computer an Mr. Swiss is listening to some classical music in the living room,

I have come a long way from the disturbances of London Town, but it had its positive side. I am not noise sensitive, I can ignore it.

Daily Prompt: Noise

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Noise

  1. It doesn’t bother me, either. I live on a major US highway that — all summer and through harvest — has loud traffic. I have learned to sift noise and if it doesn’t concern me, it isn’t happening. 🙂

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  2. I’ve moved from a noisy city to an area where the owl makes the most noise. I admit that noise didn’t bother me too much, but the noise pollution seems to have changed in recent years. Neighbours fighting, loud music being played constantly and added to the general noise of traffic etc became unbearable. The peace too has its own noise, but I love that sound.

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  3. I hate noise and am happy to live in a place where the loud bluejays are the worst of it in some seasons. I hate the loud machines like those foolish polluting leaf blowdryers that people seem to think are a good idea these days. It drives me crazy that blowing heat onto the ground and plants, hence killing soil-producing microbes, insects, some plants etc. which then recreates the Dust Bowl of the 1930s is foolishly done in many places, and by machines that emit noise and fumes that are not regulated in the US. Uhoh, I guess that became a rant! I will just go back to “I agree with you’.

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  4. “When the kids were at their noisiest, I could exclude their shouts, and comments and even read a book.” Isn’t it amazing how our ears can distinguish ‘good’ noise from ‘bad’ noise! Enjoyed.

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  5. I was surprised at how noisy the country can be. Aside from endlessly barking dogs, the birds in the morning can be surprisingly loud. A passing police siren, the grumble of the trash collectors. But, I grew up in New York and lived in Boston for 15 years and Jerusalem for another 9, so I really don’t hear traffic either. Also, I just don’t hear as well as I used to. Everything is a lot quieter these days 😀

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    • I grew up in noise. Even my family had loud voices. I have never been so satisfied with my surroundings as now, living at last in the country. The sounds of nature are my favourites. The country has its noises, but they are more music to my ears as the town.


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