Good Morning

Morning computer

Everything is a bit upside down in my little corner of the world. I used to rise, make breakfast and see what my computer world did during the night. Since my accident (broken leg in case you missed it, which I do not think you did) I have to match my movements to my helpers. As I have only one helper, Mr. Swiss, it means his timetable is mine. No big problem really. but things are different.

Today he has to be at the doc, so my morning is planned around this visit. My breakfast was as usual, but forget the computer, I have to make use of the shower when I can get help. On the other hand I am finished with all the preliminaries. The shower is cleaned, the kitchen floor wiped over and the vacuum cleaner has paid a visit to various places in the apartment that Mr. Swiss fitted in between. There is nothing like a combined effort. He has now disappeared and I am spending time on my computer in my “office” accompanied by iPad. iPhone, Kindle and my Easter gift from the local supermarket. We had a card full of points for our strange bunny and the second card will be completed tomorrow. Fun: I have at least 15 bunnies from the past years. I am sure not even my grandson will play with so many bunnies.

Morning with rain

It is still raining, a steady drip, drip, drip. Even the birds have left the bird house, although we have now stopped filling it with goodies. They have enough seed on the ground below, but even that is no longer interesting. I think they now have other ideas like building nests and raising a family.

At the moment one of the biggest murder trials in Switzerland is taking place. Trial of quadruple Swiss Murderer. It all happened in a small Swiss village where the murderer attacked and killed members of a family. It was very brutal and it seems that he was planning on further victims according to a note book he had. I know the village where it happened, about half an hour drive from my village. It is getting big press coverage in Switzerland.

Nothing else to report, except that I am now making efforts to hobble around without depending on my walking apparatus. I never liked it from the beginning. A stick looks much better and you can pick some very nice designs. Walkers are walkers, but at least Mr. Swiss got me a violet colour to brighten things up.

And now to move on. I have a lunch to cook but plenty of time to do it. Have a good day and if you are bored, turn your computer on. It makes nice little tunes if you get a message.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We haven’t had a murder around here in years. But it’s just as well because we don’t actually have a police force, either. I’ve been thinking about buying an iPad since the price on the new ones is so much lower … but i can’t decide. So I have lists of things I’d like to buy but haven’t gotten anything.

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    • yhis was a particularly bad murder and the person who did it was a psychopath. He will not see freedom again for the rest of his life. . My iPad is my companion, because it is so handy. I am writing on it now at 7 in the morning whilst still hugging the bed. In between I read the local newspaper on it and WordPress messages, it is so convenient


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