Good Morning

Snowdrops 10.03 (3)

They eventually made it and are here. It was a battle through the snow and cold weather, but nothing stops a snowdrop, otherwise they would not be called snowdrops. The rain is still hanging around here, although not as bad as it was.

Yesterday was visiting day of No. 2 son and his family. Grandson Alexander The Great was on his best behaviour  and is now the proud possessor of his first two teeth.

And now I am back again. Just did a quick pause for cleaning a few things and having a shower. We are expecting another candidate this morning for the job as our cleaning lady. This time we have some high hopes. The first one was unreliable and the next one had a bad illness in the family. This one is already working as a cleaning lady on our estate for a very good neighbour we know quite well, who lives just opposite. This lady contacted us as she saw that we were looking for someone and it would be useful for her to combine it with the neighbour’s place. She is also a dog lover and people that go for walkies with their dogs are always good to know.

My EverestMy Everest
Speaking of dogs I would like to mention this book, written by one of my long time friends from WordPress. Yes she has dogs, has always had dogs, although they are quite big dogs. They remind me of Dino, the lovable dinosaur pet of Fred and Wilma Flintstone. I have never met Mindy, Dusty or Bear (the current dogs) in person, but often read about them on her blog so are also part of my online family.

I love this book. In my hiking days I was also following various trails and paths, but Martha has taught me how to do it the right way. Not just stamping through the stones and undergrowth, but looking closely at what you are stamping through. Of course we do not have rattlesnakes in Switzerland, although in the highlands you might see a few snakes scurrying away. She has written this book with feeling. You do not kill the so-called dangerous animals, but let them go. They have another purpose in their lives than bothering humans. They are usually more fixed on their lunch.

It is available on Amazon as a Kindle upload, but this time I went for the real book. It has illustrations and for me it is not the sort of book I would read by turning pages by tapping on them. There are some illustrations of the real thing and at the end of the book a couple of maps showing the trails she has taken. For me a good thing, as I will never get to San Diego to sample the real thing, but I can do it in my dreams.



12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Isn’t that a delightful book? Garry fell in love with it too — and he doesn’t fall in love with books very often. It made us both want to wander trails, except of course we are well past our wandering days. We’d be more likely to fall off the trail and have to be rescued from a trench along the trail.

    We are having a beautiful bright blue-sky day. Of course, we have to go to the Motor Vehicle Bureau because Garry is over 75 and has to prove he isn’t blind or demented and tomorrow, we are getting (are your ready because I’m NOT) — MORE FREAKING SNOW. This will be our third big storm in less than three weeks. I can’t STAND it anymore. BRING ME SPRING!

    Okay. I’m going to be okay. Breathe, Marilyn. Breathe. Have to leave in another few minutes, so hopefully I’ll catch up with you later. Hope your day is lovely!

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    • It is a great book and I got so enthusiastic wanting immediately to take the trails again. It is a must read for hikers, showing how to do it. I so wish I could do it again

      We are slowly getting back to friendlier weather, although rain in between. The great news is that I can walk again, not perfectly, but have taken first steps without my stupid walking machine and only using my cane for support, although I keep the walker within grip distance


  2. Good luck and great blessings to your hunt for a cleaning lady!

    I have missed reading your blogs. You seemed to have fallen off my blog routine. It will be great to have you back.

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  3. Oh! I have been getting so tired of everyone else writing about their snowdrops! . . . . but it is okay if you do it because I don’t need to hear all the bragging. I do not grow those, but I do grow something else known as snowdrops. Mine are not worth bragging about.

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    • If I lived in sunny California I would be telling everyone about the oranges that are growing in my garden. If you live in Switzerland the sun retires in Winter and the ground is frozen and covered with snow. We are grateful for anything that survives, even a dandelion.

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      • In California, I would like to grow sugar maples, firs, spruces and a few other things that need more chill than they get here. Oranges are nice but overrated.


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