Good Morning

Misty Morning

It rained yesterday and throughout the night, the result being a misty Sunday morning. Today we have visitors. No. 2 son with wife and No. 1 grandson are visiting, so am not quite sure about my appearances here today.

Yesterday was one of those almost boring Saturday evenings on the TV, so luckily I had a book to read. The Swiss TV decided to do a copy of a British successful programme, Come Dancing. The idea is to have prominent TV people. get them to train as dancers and feature them on a TV programme. It might have been quite a TV success in Engand, but it would have been better had the Swiss not bothered. We have few prominent people, most of them not so prominent, and the whole thing resembled an amateur talent competition. It was boring and trivial. I am sure the only enthusiastic people watching the show were the audience in the TV studio and they probably only clapped when they were told to by the directors of the show.

The days of the Quiz shows have now gone and the new movies are also no longer so new. For a while there was a talent competition on Saturdays, like The Voice of Switzerland, but that is no longer so popular and also a borrowed idea from Great Britain which had been imported from the States. I was left with a choice of reading a book or doing an online Jigsaw puzzle. TV is going from bad to worse.

Suddenly I noticed that Easter is around the corner. I survived the Christmas advertising gimmicks and now I am confronted with easter bunnies from the local supermarket. For each 20 Swiss francs spend you get a sticky, when the card is full of stickies you get an easter bunny. As I am not making trips to the store at the moment I have had to rely on Mr. Swiss to collect the stickies. Up to now we have one Easter bunny, and there are three of them. I already have a collection of 10 Easter bunnies from the past years, problem being I do not really know what to do with them. I am not an Easter person, and do not bother with chocolate eggs or bunnies. I used to even boil eggs and colour them for at home, but that was in the olden days when the kids had fun doing it. Now the time is slowly arriving where my youngest can colour his own eggs for No. 1 grandson.

And now to move on. I have a lunch to cook for 5-6 people. Enjoy the day.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Television is so bad here, and it is downright sad to see similar types of shows copied in other cultures, although, it seems that Mexico does some of them better. (They are more talented.)

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