Good Morning


This is all I can manage for a photo this morning: just my frugal breakfast and a computer – what a life I lead. Glorious sunsets are not in the programme and outside it is nothing spectacular, although the snow has now disappeared and some Spring flowers are beginning to show.

This morning my physio therapist is arriving at 10.00 and I should be washed dressed and ready when she is here. In the meanwhile there is breakfast to be dealt with and a cleansing session in the shower, as well as a blog to write. Even that is pear shaped as I just pressed something and my blog page turned into a mega size with giant letters. However, I have now got it back to normal size with a Ctrl mouse,


Mr. Swiss will be off on a shopping excursion for food and a few bits and pieces. We tend to forget some important stuff lately but Mr. Swiss now takes a photo of what we need to enable him to find it in the store. Yes we are cyber golden oldies and apply all our online knowledge. Before I garbaged the empty containers I showed them to Mr. Swiss and he captured the image with his mobile phone camera. The image automatically goes into my photo programme and there is no danger of not finding or forgetting what we should buy.

No. 2 son and his wife will be visiting next Sunday with No. 1 grandson which I am looking forward to. Time goes so fast and junior, Alexander the Great, is growing and is already 6 months old. Time goes quickly.

And I must now go, this is really just a quick note to tell everyone that I survived the night, although my knee reported back at 2.00 in the morning which I was not very happy about.


In the meanwhile my walker is parked in the kitchen and ready to take me to other places.

Have a good day, take it easy and be careful where you tread.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We shopped yesterday and I remembered almost everything — and since I had forgotten to make a list, that was almost a miracle. Forgot the frozen vegetables, but I think that was it. Some things, I had to pass them before I remembered, but still … almost everything. Garry normally won’t even bother to try to shop without a list, but I had the doctor and my brain was pretty fizzled. List-making was just not on our agenda. We are still awaiting the snow, but so far, it seems to be falling everywhere BUT here. Only 12 more hours to go!

    Hang on! Better days are ahead. I have to believe that.


    • Incannot go shopping as Inam not yet moving well. Mr Swiss does it well, but je doesn’t always find everything. I always did the picking and buying and now he is on his own. We have to make a list as we both tend to forget important items. Luckily our store is online and most of the items we need are pictured.. no more snow here but plenty of rain.


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