Daily Prompt: Facts


It has become a fact that if I want to go anywhere this walking aid comes with me and I am not very happy about it. Just a walk in the apartment, and I have to manoeuvre it around corners, over obstacles in the way and eventually park it in a place near. It has become my companion.

In this case I just wanted to go outside and take a few photos. I had to guide it over the steps remembering to lock it in between, otherwise it might run away. If I go anywhere it goes with me. Luckily I can fold it together when I take a ride in the car. I have a container on the front where I can deposit a camera and my Kindle also fits nicely. At home I am also accompanied by my iPad and telephone which have room on the platform.

I am not really liking my facts of life at the moment. Gone are the days of indenpedemce.  Now I have to think about it first of all. The walker is parked next to my bed during the night and I have to take it to that certain place that most of us visit at night. Cooking with it can get complicated when I have to chop the veg or use the cooking range. I have devised a method where I can stand and not move and use my walking stick. Now and again I have  to tidy it, as the bag at the front seems to collect bread crumbs, various vegetable remains, pasta and paper handkerchiefs.

Today my physio therapist informed me that it is now only six weeks since my accident, as if to say, I am not ready for taking independent steps. But I did achieve my goal this afternoon.

Lenten and Christrose

I took a photo of my lent roses, on the the left and my christrose on the right. They are one of the first in the garden, and I did not want to let them disappear without a photo. They are late this year probably because of the snow falls. It is not easy taking a photo with the walker, especially has I had to do it free hand, without holding onto anything.

But every day something new and different.

Daily Promompt: Facts

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Facts

  1. I’m glad to read your cheerful post. You may lack ‘independence’ but you’re as free and choice-full as before – only now the choices are slightly different.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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  2. Healing sometimes takes longer than we would wish — it’s important to listen to your body — and the therapist — to know the limits and not push past them! You’re doing surprisingly well!


  3. I am glad you are coming along somewhat and steadily, and hope you get better soon. Good for you for getting that photo. It’s like you are a plant that did fine, then had some unexpected weather, and now is getting stronger again.

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  4. It is snowing here. Lightly, but it’s supposed to go on and on for at least another 12 hours. Whatever freedom I’ve lost because I don’t drive and have difficulty walking, is tripled by this awful winter weather. I still haven’t gotten a picture of the crocus and after this storm, there probably won’t be any. And try to remember that it really could be worse, maybe even a LOT worse.

    Spring WILL come and your leg WILL heal.

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    • Today we had April weather, a bit of everything, but no snow. I have ups and downs and mood swings at the moment. I think i am suffering from cabin fever. I started driving again, but have now given up. Technically speaking I could drive our automatic as i don’t need my left foot, but I get some funny spasms now and again, so it is betterI leave it.


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