Creating a Community Through Blogging: A Q&A with Cee Neuner of Cee’s Photography

I have been participating in CEE’s challenges for some time. She keeps me busy taking photos of roads and paths, searching for so-called odd ball photos, strange and weird, and we have a fun theme once a week. Let us not forget the black and white experiments. Yes CEE, you make my blogging a wonderful experience and may it continue. We also get to know each other once a week, divulging our secret lives answering questions when we share our worlds. It is fun and I go on regular quests with my camera for CEE. Carry on with the good work CEE, I really appreciate the energy you invest to make our blogging a great experience. Thankyou.


By nature, blogging is communal β€” we write publicly and interact with readers. Some people, like Cee Neuner at Cee’s Photography, have built communities around their sites. Cee hosts weekly photo challenges that not only encourage people to practice their shooting skills β€” they provide a welcoming space for bloggers around the world to connect. Here, Cee talks about her love for photography and what motivated her to launch challenges on her site.

What is your philosophy around photography?

Cee with her camera

I am a visual person, so being behind a camera and looking for beauty and color is in my DNA. I take photos because I enjoy it. The world comes alive. I love looking through my viewfinder: I see life so much clearer than I do without the lens. I am fortunate as I have a natural ability for composition, and that makes taking photos so…

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