Daily Prompt: Typical


At last a typical photo of my garden in March. The snow and cold temperatures have disappeared and uncovered the crocus below. After the freezing weather we now have temperatures that have climbed up to above 10° and an express snow melt.

Today I had to visit the doc and as I do not go anywhere at the moment I made the most of it and took my camera with me, hoping to get some snow covered streets and sidewalks and trees weighed down with branches packed with snow. I could forget it, everything was clear. The roads were perfect to drive on and even the gardens were clear of snow. It is happening thick and fast.

When I arrived back home I took a look in the garden and was astonished to find the flower beds were clear of snow. I even saw a patch of white Christmas Roses in the garden, full of their white buds ready to open, but I will have to wait a day or two for photos. I almost forgot I planted them, but they have returned.

So everything is back to normal, a typical pre spring look.  And Mr. Swiss told me he has even seen some fire bugs in the garden. They are always the first insects to appear during the year and the last to go. They are the cleaners in my garden and do no harm, the seed eaters.

Firebugs on Hollyhock 29.08 (1)

Nature is again returning in the same places at the same time after her Winter sleep. It might be typical, but always one of the typical miracles in life.

Daily Prompt: Typical

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Typical

  1. I woke up and there was snow on the ground. I went back to bed … and it was gone. There’s a tiny bit left on the steps to the deck. Otherwise, it’s completely gone. Maybe spring WILL come. I hope the doctor visit went well. I canceled mine today. I think I’ll be better in another day. Just one more round of stomach flu.

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    • Almost no snow left here, astonishing. We got so much in a couple of days and now it has melted away. It looks like Spring is on its way. I got my doctor’s visit behind me but it was complicated getting dressed and getting there. I cannot even dress properly because I have no real feeling in my hands. Thank goodness I can still type.


      • My hands are also bothering me, falling asleep in the middle of doing something and the arthritis has moved into my fingers. But, like you, I can still type. Maybe that’s the good fortune of learning to touch type. It is so automatic … our hands do it without our brains knowing it.

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        • Yes I think that is why I can do it because I touch type, although need a little more precision. I feel a bit silly when eating as I now have to stab the food with the fork, like it was a weapon. I just don’t have the strength for cutting fine pieces.


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