Good Morning

Rosemary in snow

At least it is not snowing – yet. We had enough to last yesterday. My rosemary bush is weighed down with snow. It look like I am only taking black and white photos, but the snow has removed all colour. I will be glad to get out and about again to take a few photos. At the moment only the most necessary excursions are being made. Mr. Swiss managed to get the provisions yesterday and  now we are settling in until Monday, hoping that the snow days are now gone.

Yesterday the therapy lady paid another visit. I have an annoying pain around my left knee, but it seems I will  have to put up with it for a while. Her massaging helped, but healing a broken leg takes time. I get so frustrated not being able to do stuff I usually do, but gradually we are getting a new routine.  Walking around with a mop and a walker is not such an easy task, but it is possible. They should really design walkers with more attachments and perhaps a motor. I discovered a patch of hard skin on my hand yesterday, but the therapy lady said that comes from pushing the walker.

Two ladies phoned yesterday about the cleaning job at our place and will be calling in. I hope this time we manage to find someone suitable,

At the moment I have no interest in doing things. I usually read in the evening, but have lost interest and am now watching the TV. I do not like TV, so thing are really getting bad. Yesterday it was all about the elections in Italy which are also not so interesting for my taste. I am not a TV person, the only programme I really bother to watch is East Enders. That is a soap based on the area where I grew up, so I can identify myself with some of the scenes, although everyone in the series seems to have criminal intentions which was not the case when I lived there.

And now to move on, hoping that something exciting might happen today like walking without my walker or a big snow melt. Have fun, enjoy the week-end

Garden in snow

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The snow looks so familiar. We didn’t get so much this year. Instead, we got endless rain and mudslides. I’m not sure which I like less, but I could do without both!

    I think they DO make the walkers with motors, but they have a different name. Getting restless also means you are getting better. Look at where you are this week as opposed to a few weeks ago 😀

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    • Snow is normal for Switzerland but not at the beginning of March, at least not so much. At least my birds are happy for their food in the birdhouse.
      I had a spot of pain over the lastcouple of days, continuous, but my therapist gave me a massage yesterday and it has relieved it a bit. She said it was nothing alarming, just the muscles reporting back. I will be glad when I can get back to normal action.


  2. I have noticed this trend in soapies both British and Australian. Suddenly the neighbourhood seems to be populated by people who have just come from jail or are going to end up there if they don’t die first.

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  3. I would like to add my voice to those that have complimented you on your blog. I have been recuperating from shoulder surgery and am quite immobile. One thing I struggle to do is use my hand with the mouse to do even a token bit of computer work each day. Your blogs with the daily color are there to welcome each morning. They are much appreciated.

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    • Thankyou am glad to be of help. I feel with you. I am having increasing difficulty with my hand. I can move the mouse, but typing on the keyboard is a problem and using a knife and fork to eat even more because of my MS, but I persevere


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