Good Morning

A Cold Morning

At last a “normal” sky in the morning with clouds and even a little bit of sunshine in the East where the sun is slowly rising. Looks like we will be having a wonderful day today, but the appearance is deceptive. Behind this super cloud photo, there are temperatures of below freezing. The first online news I saw this morning was a warning of freezing rain, although I have not noticed any yet. Sometimes there are certain newspapers that seem to glory in dramatic reports to ensure they keep the reader’s interest.

I was a little worried because today is the week-end shopping day and we really need food at the moment. The fridge is a little on the bare side. Mr. Swiss has decided to go shopping now whilst the coast is clear and the big skid has not yet arrived. I wish I could go with him, as he also has his aches and pains at the moment, especially back pain. However I am not yet ready for an excursion into the wilds of the supermarket. At the moment there is no rain so we are hoping it stays away for a while. It could easily be that our region will remain rain free.


Of course the local kids made the most of the snow yesterday  and the slope on the right of the  stairs is always left untouched to enable a nice sledging experience.

At the moment it seems that complete Europe has snow problems, In Great Britain they have had to call out the army to assist with stranded cars on the roads. GB never could cope with snow. They always had a feeling that snow was for the others and not for them. Whenever they get more  the complete country seems to break down. The government issue their amber warnings and even the red warnings, all based on the traffic light system, but if you do not have the machinery to remove the snow there is not much point. y snai

And I will continue with snail paced cleaning system. Mr. Swiss is now departing and has warned me not to attempt to get into the shower or bath until he returns as I am still having problems with certain movements. Of course I will obey. Have fun everyone and remember, tomorrow is again the week-end to relax.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning. It is raining here at midnight, so it will be a good day . . . when the day gets here. If the day gets there first, does that mean it us a ‘used’ day by the time it gets here?

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  2. It looks beautiful. Our storm is finally beginning to end and the roaring of the wind is almost gone. I hate freezing rain. It’s so dangerous for cars — and feet. In the middle of this storm, the builder came by to see what we need to do on the house. I couldn’t believe anyone was WORKING today, but out i went. Our front yard has had it’s very own mudslide. It has rained SO much that the lawn has literally slid down onto the sidewalk which is buried a couple of inches deep in mud. It disgusting. But so many other people have downed trees and electric wires and flooding, our mess is relatively small and easy to clean up.

    Stay warm. Be well. Winter is bound to end one of these months!

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    • We haven’t had snowfall for a long time like this, but it is very late in arriving. It just kept snowing all day. Thank goodness we got the shopping done in time.. we were spared the freezing rain in our area. Although Switzerland is a small country, we get many variations of weather.. work went on as usual despite the snow and the schools remained open. We are lucky to have a suitable infrastructure to cope. When the big thaw arrives, we might get a little flooding. Sounds like you had a strong storm and glad it is now over.


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