Daily Prompt: Above


The only thing coming from above today is snow, flocks of it, tons of it, covering everything in a cold white sheet. This morning we woke up to a white world but it was no longer snowing. The weather gods even told us we would get freezing rain. Mr. Swiss escaped to the stores before everything was frozen and managed to get provisions to keep us alive for the week-end.

At lunch time it started to snow again – no joke. We have 2nd March, time to start counting the daffodil heads, but they are now buried in snow, together with the crocus. I had a midday sleep and awoke to find it was still snowing. Above is not very interesting at the moment, you get an eye full of snow. Europe is sinking under snow, The planes are grounded, the railways are not moving and if you have a car, leave it where it is, because if it is outside you will not find it, it will be covered in snow.

In the bible somewhere it says “all good things come from above”, but they forgot to mention “with the exception of snow”. I will now wear my dark glasses, they are supposed to be good against snow blindness. It’s a white winter wonderland here at the moment.


Daily Prompt: Above

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Above

  1. We have gotten many of our worst and heaviest snows in March, more than a few on my birthday. in fact, I was born about 48 hours after a major blizzard. Theoretically, we are all heading for spring, but while the weather changes from winter to spring, it can get pretty weird. You never know what will happen. We’re having a massive storm right now, but it didn’t get cold enough for snow, so we are getting sheets of rain and howling winds that are moving our oak trees like saplings in a breeze. I’m trying not to get too paranoid about falling timber! Stay safe and warm!

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    • Our storm season was in January, the last opportunity I had to take photos before breaking my leg. Now we have the return of Winter which is quite unusual for March. Spring began with some crocus which are now buried beneath the snow. I am wondering what the next weather surprise will be. Our biggest trees are the fir trees and they can withstand quite a lot.


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