Good Morning

Snowy morning

Today it was our turn for the big snow. This week we had ice age termpeatures, but otherwise no snow. I was reading this morning in our online fake news newspaper that all the trains in Zürich were delayed because of snowfalls and was being confronted with photos of delayed trains stuck somewhere on a railway line. The footsteps in the snow are where Mr. Swiss brought the birds their daily ration of bread. With temperatures of -5.8°C the snow will be a long time going again.

I turned over in bed and thought “too bad for the Zürich work force”. Mr. Swiss was already pottering around in the apartment as he is an early riser, at least earlier than me. He entered the bedroom to tell me that the snow had now fallen and enough. I was glad that today I was not going places in a big way. However Mr. Swiss forgot to get some cold cuts for today’s evening meal, so it looks like he will have to put on his snow shoes and battle his way through the blizzard.

Snowy Morning

Being Swiss and well organised the snow clearing team were already on the job outside. They seem to start training the youngsters today to make sure that everything is well organised. There was also a man doing the job, but he had already moved on leaving the work in the capable shovel of his 5 year old apprentice.

Yesterday we had a new arrival in the kitchen. After 20 years with the same chairs we now have new chairs, genuine leather with a steel frame. I let Mr. Swiss get on with it and they were delivered yesterday: big deal but we discovered they were too high to go under the table. A quick trip to the do-it-yourself and cutting suitable wooden blocks solved the problem, which we put under the table legs.

ChairAnd now to move on with my various housewife chores, broken leg permitting.

Have a good day, and may you overcome all your computer/Facebook and other little problems that could arise. I will spend my time counting the snow flakes.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We’re supposed to be in a huge storm tomorrow or maybe later tonight, though I think it is going to more coastal than inland. Maybe we will get some heavy wet snow. Maybe not. At least snow is pretty. Mostly, we’ve had freezing rain which is not pretty at all.

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