Daily Prompt: Restart

Dead Amaryllis

It is the time of restarts and I don’t like restarts very much Yesterday I was sitting at my computer, the microsoft one, the Acer and suddenly my mouse died. Mr. Swiss to the rescue as he knows where the secret supply of mouse batteries are kept. As my hands are not functioning  well at the moment, he inserted the battery and everything was alive again.

This was yesterday. Today I took my Apple computer as a beginning to the afternoon. Apple is a little more delicate when they deal with mice. At least mine is, as I have one of those magic mice (mice is the plural of mouse?) which I am quite happy with. I just checked on Apple and discovered that my magic mouse Mark 1 no longer exists and has now been replaced with magic mouse 2. But as these things always happen in pairs, my magic mouse could not find the connection today. Guess what? Yes, it needed new batteries. So Mr. Swiss again to the rescue and he produced two new batteries and after the restart everything was functioning again normally.

And now I am wondering if my amaryllis in the photo is worth a restart. The last restart was successful. I fed it with fertiliser throughout the summer after its flower died last year, I repotted it in Autumn removing the dead roots and it flowered again in Winter. Shall I risk this restart again? I think so.

And now the daily excitement is over. All this restarting is making me tired.

Daily Prompt: Restart

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Restart

  1. All my mouses (I figure mice is for little furry things that squeak, but mouses are for electronic things that point on your computer, but who knows?) use standard AA batteries. I have switched to rechargeables, so I have a box of recharged ready-to-go batteries in my formerly office. I have AAs which are most of them, but AAAs for remote controls. I even have a box of another kind whose letters I don’t remember but are used entirely for smoke alarms. I have so many of them (Owen gave them too me, so it’s maybe two dozen?) I will never use them all, no matter how long I live. Garry can’t find them and can’t change a battery, although I notice when i am not convenient, he does figure it out, eventually.

    I’m waiting for the world to restart. Supposed in another month, give or take a few weeks, we’ll have the beginning of the seasons. We are supposed to be having a HUGE storm today, but so far, it has been sunny, but has now turned gray. So maybe the storm is arriving late?

    Restarts can be good, as long as you can find the batteries and remembered to repot the plant at the right time of year 😀

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    • We always have enough batteries in a cupboard. I am quite capable of changing them myself, but Mr. Swiss always has doubts, so I let him get on with it. He finds I leave a confusion behind when I deal with batteries.
      We now have real winter. Tons of snow, minus temperatures and a Swiss railway system that has collapsed. It all arrived yesterday in the night and tomorrow doesn’t look much better.

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