Daily Prompt: Dim

Rochester Cathedral at night


“What’s the problem?”

“I dropped my head and cannot find it.”

“Oh come on, you usually carry it under your arm.”

“Of course I do, but someone left the axe in in the way and I stumbled over it.”

“I think I have found it.”

“My head or the axe?”

“Your head of course. It rolled under the table. Light a candle and you will see it.”

“How am I supposed to see it if I havn’t got any eyes. They are in my head that just rolled under the table and all I can see are cobwebs and a mouse that just came to have a sniff. Go away and leave my head alone.”

“Ok, here it is. Now tuck it nicely under your arm, but wipe the blood stains off first of all. They will stain your doublet.”

“Thanks, that’s better. Light a candle so that I can see where I am going.”

“But if you light a candle it might attract the others and they will start doing ghost hunts again. The last time they did that they exorcised Sir William and he is still recovering. He was in a bad state afterwards doing all sorts of strange things with his teeth, and forgot where he left his skeleton.”

“Yes I remember. Some tourist kids started to kick my head around to score goals between the posts of the bed. No respect for the dead these days.”

“I think it would be better if we had an early night.”

“But we don’t do early nights, because we sleep during the day.”

+Ok, let’s go down to the crypt. There might be a party down there. Ghouls and goblins and all that.”

“Good idea, oh I dropped my head again and its rolling down the stairs.”

“Not again. You will be the death of me.”

“Not possible, you died a few hundred years ago.”

“And that was your fault. You wanted to have a duel with me because I had an affair with your wife.”

“I had my reputation to protect.”

“But so did I, I was known as the Casanova of the castle. And anyhow she was really not worth it.”

“You mean I could have forgotten the whole thing. That would have made everything better. I would not have to walk around for the rest of my undead life with my head under my arm.”

“And what about me with my eternal bullet wound in a very delicate place.”

“That was you fault. You were supposed to stand and look at me when you ponted your gun and not turn and run. The bullet was aimed for your chest, not at your rear part.”

“Ok forget it. Down to the crypt now and the last one out of the torture chamber switches out the light.”

“Of course.”

Daily Prompt: Dim

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Dim

  1. Oh my! I want to start singing “With ‘er ‘ead’ tucked underneath her arm she walks the bloodied halls …”

    I love it. I hope she always carries the head with eye pointed forward. If you point them the wrong way, who KNOWS what might go wrong?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I remember that song, almost cockney with the “ead”. And of course they were lucky to still have their eyes. Those Brits got up to all sorts of things.


  2. This is hilarious. England hadn’t left you st all.
    I had surgery yesterday and can’t walk for 3 weeks. Thank you so much for this one and the morning adventures with the mice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I took the phots at Rochester Cathedral on an evening visit some years ago. I always did have a bit of english black humour. Glad you enjoy my mornings which have really become adventures with the broken leg. Isn’t it fun discovereing news ways of passing time without having to walk.


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