Good Morning

Morning Sky

I did it. I got outside this morning on the porch and took a photo. Mr. Swiss had to go to the doctor this morning and be there by 9.00 a.m. This meant that either I wait for him to come home to be able to get showered or do it straight away. I need help to get into the bath tub and out. We decided on the direct approach and I changed my timetable. I left him to get ready when I was finished in the bathroom and began to sort my normal morning ritual of making tea and breakfast and the daily photo.

Although still very cold outside the sun was thinking about arriving and there were a few clouds. I decided it was now or never. Since my broken leg problem, I have not ventured in front of the window at home.  I decided now was the time. I lifted my walker over the window entrance and ….. yes it rolled away, to far for me to walk alone. My own fault, because I did not lock it which I usually do when I leave it. Luckily there was a chair on the porch that I could reach and I used it to get to my walker. And now I took a photo with my phone camera, and another one.

I have now decided that every day I will do something new, and today it was the outside visit. So here I am washed and dressed having breakfast and feeling quite pleased with myself. I now have a nice free morning to cook. The cleaning lady is coming this afternoon so I will take it easy this morning and let her get on with it this afternoon.

And look who just paid a visit outside. This time he was in the right place at the right time.


There is quite a congregation of crows at the moment and Mr. Swiss said this morning there was a noisy fight going on between the crows and magpies for the biggest share of food. In between I saw a robin hopping around and there are always blackbirds pecking on the ground. It seems the blackbirds bother no-one and have never been attacked by the other birds.

I finished my Terry Pratchett book yesterday, the 14th in the Discworld series and will now be reading a real book “My Everest” by my online friend Martha Kennedy, but more later. This is a real book and not Kindle, because I decided an illustrated book about hiking 30 years in San Diego with dogs deserves more than just a Kindle edition.

I have read some of Martha’s books, mainly on the subject of the reform church movement in Switzerland and how the lives of various families were effected: many being persecuted for their beliefs. Living in Switzerland I realised the problems that occurred at the time. My husband is Swiss reform church, sort of (he never really visits the church) and our Kanton is Roman Catholic.

And now to move on. Enjoy the day and make the most of it, that is my plan at the moment.

Morning Sky

21 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. good going..well written..thanks a lot for the post..i am also trying to make everyday special like you..Its not the legs that keep us walking, the mind is the true hero. Get well soon ma’am..

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  2. God bless you with a speedy recovery. I myself just went thru major surgery on my ankle. And now its brand new and almost completely healed. 4 months of feeling almost helpless is a good way to remind us just how hard it is for those of us whom have to live with permanent disabilities. It gave me a whole new respect for those who struggle daily with something that most of us cannot imagine. But I also imagine how joyous their existences will become when they get taken up to Jesus on His return, and in the meantime I will pray that I develop a little genuine understanding and real compassion for those who are disabled. And by the way, lol, I love your photography. The Lord has given you a great gift.

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  3. I hope you enjoy the book! If it makes Tabby happier, don’t tell her how great the dogs are. 😉 I applaud your resolution. That’s my definition of courage. One new thing everyday that we/one/I/you don’t think we can do. ❤

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    • I have begun the book and find it so well written, I could almost be there. Will come back on it later. As it is a real book, I will only be reading it in the daylight. I am so proud of myself with my walking attempts, yes I am getting there.

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      • That makes me very happy — both bits of news. If I could make you feel like you’re really there, nothing could be better. I guess it’s a good time for you to be taking a “walk” in the California hills. 🙂


  4. Wow — that’s real progress — to see the walker walk away on its own AND to find a way to remedy that is superb — And to get out of the house all on your own, too! I loved “My Everest” — hope you do too!

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    • Luckily I could grab a chair that helped me to reach the walker. Although I have never had a dog and never been to San Diego, I am looking forward to reading the book.


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