Daily Prompt: Premonition


Mr. Swiss was always saying that I should have a cleaning lady, but I never wanted one. If you do your bits and pieces regularly there is no need to make a full time job of it. That was my idea and it worked. Ok, the Tuesday bathroom hour cleaning session was not the ideal job, but in an hour it was done. Even the shower only took half an hour as I cleaned the toilet and mopped the floor daily. It was not hard work, I had a good system. Whilst I was dealing with this stuff Mr. Swiss would go for a walk with the vacuum cleaner clearing away the dust and daily bits and pieces. I was happy in my little world and at lunch time I had a nice clean and tidy appartment. The floors were tiled and a daily wipe over with hot water and a mop did the job nicely.

Then one day things got out of hand, I broke my leg and was away for a week in hospital. When I returned the place looked OK due to my regular cleaning sessions. I did not even feel overworked about cleaning. It was just part of daily life and what else was I supposed to do? Read a book, play with the computer, knit. No, sometimes a little physical movement is good for you. And so it came to pass that I was no longer able to partake in this cleaning orgy and we should have a cleaning lady. I was not happy about this, but had no choice, although she would only be employed for the kitchen, bathroom and shower.

Last week she arrived for the first 2 hour session. She worked and I did not make a detailed observation of what she did. I decided I should be thankful for small mercies. The second session was today and an hour before she called to say she cold not come today, but she would come tomorrow. Mr. Swiss got her message on his phone and I said, if that is the way the cookie is crumbling after a week, I do not want this cleaning lady. We called her and told her that her services would no longer be required.

In the meanwhile I had begun to clean a few things myself again, especially the shower which is my son’s area. Today we had a general tidying up. All the rooms were hoovered, all the stone floors were mopped and now I feel comfortable again. I told Mr. Swiss if he wants a cleaning lady OK, but I will not do anything more to find one. He can engage a cleaning lady and deal with it. I do not want anything more to do with it.

Of course I am not fit to do everything, but little by little I am finding my feet again. I clean the shower reguarly, mop the floors and today have again began to use my walking stick now and again instead of the walker. I am not 100%, but I can do it. I have a wonderful therapist who is giving me confidence to stand on my own two legs, although one of them is not as it should be. Every day small steps to a recovery. At the moment things look down, but I have a wonderful No 1 son who is helping and Mr. Swiss. I might even start cleaning windows again in a month. Time goes on and eventually you wonder what the problem was.

Daily Prompt: Premonition

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Premonition

  1. I did have a premonition that the cleaning lady would not last long. When you have your own routine you don’t really enjoy someone coming in and doing it differently especially if she can’t stick to a timetable and it forces you to change your daily plans.

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