Good Morning


This morning is almost no longer morning, so here is a photo of the sun sinking slowly in the West from yesterday afternoon. We now have blue skies, almost no cloud cover and very cold temperatures of -10°C, it is the ice age at the moment. As we have dry air conditions there are no icy pictures to show, but everyone is walking around with woolly hats and gloves.

This morning I had another hour of physio therapy with my therapist. Half an hour massage where I felt all the aches and pains in my left leg. Afterwards she explained various exercises that I can do to improve my leg. It is now a month since the accident but my therapist finds I have made good progress. I am now learning to balance on my bad leg which are exercises I can do in the daily routine. I even have a leg moving exercise for in bed.

I am so glad that I am gradually getting back to a normal routine more ore less. I can now manage to get into the shower. And the therapist  said if the weather gets warmer by next Friday for my next appointment we could go out with my wheelchair to see how it works. I will be very happy about that, as it means I am a little nearer to my independence again and can take a few photos.

Mr. Swiss was on his shopping expedition whilst she was here. He has just returned, gives me best wishes from all the shopping assistants at the store and now I can begin to cook.

This is just a short one to let you know I am still here, and will be back this afternoon all going well.

Clouds 12.02 (2)

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The cold weather has spread to the Netherlands too – my brother posted a video clip on Facebook of my niece skating on a frozen lake. I so wish we could get some substantial precipitation. We had water shedding in our suburb this morning from 5am – all the taps were turned off, supposedly to save water, so I couldn’t shower before I went to work :(!

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  2. We’ve also got the sun for a few days — at least until the weekend when they are predicting absolutely everything from wind to snow to heavy rain.

    I am so glad you’re gradually repairing. I knew you would but it takes time and you have to be a little patient with yourself. i hate recovering. I always think if I woke up from anesthesia, I’m healed. My body does not always agree with that summary 🙂

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    • We are just a frozen place currently. At least we have dry weather.
      Sometimes I don’t feel like I am repairing especially first thing in the morning.when everything aches, but everyone is telling me hoe well I am doing


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