Daily Prompt: Imagine

View over East London

This is London in 2006, not one of those tourist photos full of new modern buildings. Some of those were still be built as you can see in the background. I would visit my home town once a year when dad was still there, although as he grew older I did not make any excursions around London Town, but stayed with him in his care home apartment. When your parents become golden oldies you savour the time you have with them.

So, where was I? Look at this view over London. It was the Romans that landed in London in 55 b.c.. Were they on holiday, like going places and seeing things, or did they just want to see something completely different. They met a race of blond haired blue eyed fair skinned people and when they left the population had changed somewhat to dark olive skinned children with brown eyes and thick heads of brown curly hair. The kids had now been named Marcus and Julius instead of Egbert and Britannia. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

So I went for a trip to London with my friend. She had worked as a librarian in London and she took me to a new library in Whitechapel which was a high rise building to take some photos of the view and that is how I got the photo. London was now a mixture, the romans and angles were long gone and modern architecture was taking over. I imagined how it used to be with sturdy square buildings. Now every new building was competing for the something completely different prize. No-one really lived in London now, except for the millionaires that could afford the luxury flats. I was perhaps privileged to grow up in old London, near the River Thames, where the Huguenots built their houses with the large windows in the East End to provide enough light for the weaving looms. My great great grandfather was a Huguenot, but a cordwainer (shoemaker) and not a weaver.

I could imagine a lot seeing the roofs of London. As a kid I remember it all being half destroyed from the war bombs, but there were no longer any traces of that part of history.

I will leave you with a view over Whitechapel underground station also from the library tower. It is always good to have contacts in London to find the places that are not the tourist views.

View on Whitechapel Underground Station

Daily Prompt: Imagine

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Imagine

    • But it did wipe out the plague, otherwise I might not even be here today. Although we did have a few typhus epidemics in East London during the 19th century because of the drinking water.


    • I so wish I had had a digi camera when I was a teenager, which had not yet been invented. I could have taken so many memorable photos of London, places which now only exist in my failing memory.


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