Good Morning


You are never alone with a bird or two. The blackbirds were out this morning, visiting for breakfast and believe me it is a very cold morning. There is an icy wind blowing which does not deter the magpies and crows from joining in the feeding ceremony.

Otherwise last night was a good one. I managed to sleep quite well and only awoke once.  Up to now I had been getting constant pain in my left knee but it has now improved. The therapy lady gave me the advice to put an extra cushion under my left knee and it is now showing results. I was so glad, because sleep deprivation is not such a good thing and you walk around like a zombie during the day. I can also now climb into the bath/shower for my usual morning wash, not standing, but where there is a will there is a way.  I have even now got a little cleaning routine in the morning. Not like it normally should be, but I am making progress,

Of course cleaning is not the peak of happiness, but I am functioning again. Sitting around and doing nothing all day is so boring. There is a time for everything. It is just the normal daily events that I miss.

Yesterday evening I even watched a film that Mr. Swiss had recorded. “Being there” with Peter Sellers as the main actor Mr. Chance. It is a film from 1979 and I watched it many years ago. I found it quite a bizarre film, but my online friend Marilyn reminded me of it in a blog last week and I mentioned it to Mr. Swiss. She said seeing it so many years later does tend to put a different angle on the events, and she was right. I always liked Peter Sellers and he was quite a versatile actor. This was his second last film as at the age of 55 he died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He was well known in Great Britain, as being one of the members of the famous Goon Show, together with Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe, a humour which not everyone understood, although I loved it. I remember my mum hated it and said they were all nutcases. It was british humour and a forerunner of the Monty Python Show.

And now I will move on to see if I am still functioning today. My first work is to get the meat slow cooking (boiled beef and mixed veg). Have a good day or night, wherever you are.


24 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Also a fan of Peter Sellers and the Goons (He’s fallen in the wa-ter!) 🙂 although not heard any lately.

    Did see and enjoyed Being There a long time ago and thought it a little odd – but i’m into odd! 🙂

    Love the Snowdrops ( crocuses?) pic, just beautiful.

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  2. No I was subjected to the goon show by an adoring fan.. my Dad and since then I developed a hatred of it. Hope your knee improves and you can get some sleep.


  3. I have tapes of the Goon Shows which I love but my American husband can’t understand. One of my favourites from the show was Michael Bentine who once did an amazing show using just a chair that he made into everything – totally impossible to describe; you had to see it. I wish we could rerun that particular episode.
    Happy Spring (soon)

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    • I have just discovered all the goon shows on youtube, they are so good. I was only a kid when I used to listen to them on radio, but ther humour doesn’t age. They were way ahead of their time


  4. It’s almost like the makers of that movie could see into the future. We’ve been watching a bunch of “older” movies and finding them downright prescient. We watched “Network” last night and it was truly the story of Garry’s career and where the industry really did go. A lot of writers seem to have seen the future!

    We used to listen to the goon show here, too. It was slightly before tape cassettes, so we got their recording on big vinyl records. They were hilarious!

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    • And I discovered that they are almost all on YouTube.
      Mr. Swiss is the great lover of old films so I let him get on with it. An advantage for me is that I see many of the great old German speaking films with their own star casts which I never got to know in England. I don’t usualy watch so much television, but since breaking my leg I watch more.


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