Daily Prompt: Congregate

Road to Langendorf 03.11 (13)

The only places I find congregations today are at funerals and weddings. Sorry to start on a dim note, but I took this photo some time ago as we were just driving through.

During the Winter I rarely see a neighbour. We are all confined to our living  quarters, within our own four walls. No-one is outside in the garden, it is too cold and there is no need to do anything in the garden. It is all frozen land, However as soon as the warmer weather arrives we again congregate, as we are busy planting new flowers or trimming the hedges.

You need a common denominator something you can all share in a conversation. Last year we were overcome with a common cause. Our building was being renovated and there were daily discussions as the work was progressing, mainly about the dirt and grime that was settling in our gardens Then no-one planted anything and we were glad for every blade of grass that had the bravery to grow.

Renovation 12.04 (6)

No, it was not a very pretty site and our lawn is still trying to recover. Of course there were the congregations of builders speaking their many languages and constructing and deconstructing. Some neighbours would even invite them for a cup of coffee in the morning to discuss the work progress. I did not invite anyone, I preferred to drink my own tea or coffee in my own private place. The builders were convinced we were glad for the work they were doing.

This is now long gone. The scaffolding and the builders left us at the end of last year and now it seems they were never there. So now we are back to funerals and weddings and perhaps the odd lumberjack that decides to remove a tree.


Daily Prompt: Congregate

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Congregate

  1. My garden is a tragedy and likely to remains so until such time as I can afford someone to come to something to it. Of all the things I did — even a couple of years ago — being able to sort out the garden in the spring is a big one.

    Our next congregation is going to be a big reunion of Garry’s former colleagues which he is dreading, but doesn’t seem to have found any way to squirm out of. He tried “we can’t afford it,” so they paid for us. Short of declaring himself to sick to go and he’s wary of saying that lest it turn out to be true — I guess we’re going. Big groups of people in large auditoriums are not fun for him — or me. But sometimes, you’ve got to go. I don’t know why they are so determined to make him show up. A lot of the older guys would just as soon skip it and they are getting pressured too.

    I hope your wrist and hand are feeling better! My shoulder died last night and I can almost move my right arm this morning, but it was a wicked night. Try to have a wonderful day!

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    • We have a gardner who will be coming in March some time. We are now getting back to the normal state of affairs with the garden and the gardner comes 4 times a year – we have a special arrangement with him. I don’t have such a complicated garden now, mainly perreniels and shrubs, but the earth needs pepping up and the weeds do not die on their own unfortunately. Neither I nor Mr. Swiss can do it ourselves.
      I hate collections of people and I was so glad when No. 2 son organised the christening of No.1 grandson amongst his friends, otherwise we would have had to travel across Switzerland and we are just not up to it at the moment. I can understand you and Garry, we also hate those well meant get togethers, especially if travelling and hotel rooms are involved.
      My wrist and hand are still the same, but last night I had the first night without laying awake with pains in my knee. At last my leg seems to be slowly healing. I get reminders all the time, but some you can bear with. At last my feeling of etrnal tiredness during the day is no longer. That we always have these reminders that our bodies no longer want to do what they should.


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