Good Morning

Before I begin I would just mention that since my broken leg incident and following hospital stay, I have not only been having leg problems, but the right two fingers and the right side of my right hand has been giving me problems. It began with a numb feeling and I am having difficulty with feeling things properly.  I can still use it, but not very well and it has a sort of pins and needles feeling. I have spoken to the doctor and therapist and it is uncertain whether it had something to do with my accident or an MS relapse. No big deal, but if you notice some strange mistakes in my writing now and again this is the reason. I can still type on the keyboard, but often my fingers do not do what I want them to and I have to correct. Some of the mistakes might slip through.  I think it is probably MS related, which means there is not very much I can do. Just persevere and hope.

Sparrows 23.02 (3)

Yesterday the birds were quite active again. mainly the sparrows. although the blackbirds and team crow were also here. Now is actually the time to think about putting the brakes on bird feeding, but we have a sudden cold snap here, although in Switzerland it is not anything uncommen. Apparently we can blame the Russian weather situation that has intruded on our usual cold air coming from the arctis making a little bit more. Temperatures of up to -6°C and more have been predicted for the next week and everyone is walking around in their fur lined jackets with hoods, gloves and all the trimmings.

However we are tough in Switzerland so no big deal. I read reports on the BBC news that Great Britain must prepare itself for the  cold weather and it seems they are already called out for emergency situations with various code descriptions. They always did tend to over exaggerate when temperatures got dangerously near to freezing. I remember our old house in London, which had no central heating or central anything. The pipes were all outside the house and the water tended to freeze in them. When water freezes it expands, and we often had burst pipes. Dad would repair them by tying strips of cloth around them, like all our other neighbours: oh the good old days.

I must say a few words of praise to Mr. Swiss. Since  a month I have not been able to go shopping, but only take part in the logistics. He has done it all and quite well. Yesterday he got the week-end shopping thank goodness, so all I have to do is cook the food.

I was also quite pleased to see how the Swiss team in the Winter Olympics are doing so well. Not exactly first in the table but in the top half. Many countries do not have such interest in the snow and ice sports, but in Switzerland it is our way of life in Winter.

And now to move on, I have an excitement packed day today, climbing into the bath and out. Something that used to be so easy and has now become my own sort of Olympic discipline. Have a nice day, take care of your bodies and computers. See you around.

Sparrows 23.02 (4)

22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have that too, in my left hand. I was told it was arthritis in my left elbow. I have a similar problem in my right hand, but that affects the thumb and first two fingers, so apparently that’s arthritis in my shoulder. It may not be arthritis, either. It can be i think anything pressing on the nerves in these areas. With me, they always assume arthritis because I have a lot of it everywhere, but yours might have something to do with how you fell.

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    • The funny thing is that at first I noticed bruising on my wrist with a red line leading upwards, this did not hurt and disappeared. Afterwards I got the numb pins and needles feeling in my hand which I still have


      • You may have injured it and they were so busy fixing your leg, no one notices. You might have a bad sprain or even a small broken bone. Definitely check. I had a broken foot once and didn’t know it until suddenly, I couldn’t walk.

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  2. Weather is always an emergency around here. I think that’s how they get viewers to watch. We may not be interested in the news, but EVERYONE wants to see the weather. They act like a little rain is the end of the world. They should act more like a LACK of rain is the end of the world.

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  3. Regarding your entry about birds and your MS etc, etc. , Birds are beautiful! I love watching the winter sports. The one makes me giggle, where they look like they are mopping the floor , curling or something. Hope you feel better soon.

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    • It’s curling and the mopping is to somehow warm up the ice to enable the curling stones to move faster. It’s played here on the ice rinks. Thanks for your well wishes


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