5 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 24.02.2018 Kalanchoe

  1. They are related to other succulents that do well out in the garden (here), but they do not look related. The others are grown more for their foliage, but the flowers are not as impressive.

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  2. Beautiful capture! Judy from Lifelessons shared with me that they are very easy to grow from cuttings! I have had one that has survived more than 15 of Perth’s Summers (Overwatering is never a problem here as a pot will go from soaking wet to bone dry in under 24 hours in Summer – and Spring and Autumn often too!) – i took a cutting, gave it a little rooting powder and some fresh potting mix and it’s sprouting beautifully. They do love sunshine.

    Hope your leg is getting better! 🙂

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  3. I should really try a cutting. Have been thinking about it, but my broken leg got in the way. Isn’t it wonderful how we all pass on our bits of information in our blogging world.


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