Good Morning


I have never had a Poinsettia like this before. I always buy one in the local store before Christmas sporting its crown of red leaves, suspecting that after a couple of weeks the red leaves will drop and many of the other leaves, being left with a plant skeleton when the new year arrives. This time there was a difference. I placed it on a surface in front of a window and was careful not to be too generous with the water. When the earth became dry, very dry, I filledup the over pot, left it to soak and drained the surplus water away.  this happened once a week, sometimes after two weeks and in the middle of  February I still have some remaining red leaves and new shoots are appearing in between. I still have my plant from last year, no more red leaves, but it has become quite a size. After so many years of practicing, I am at last getting some results. I do not expect it to produce a new batch of red leaves for next Christmas, but who knows.

Otherwise my therapy lady arrived yesterday. I know her from my previous series of therapy from my MS problems, but this time it was different, as I have a broken leg. I realised that she got the hang of my various problems straight away. Yesterday was more or less examining the situation, but when she left I already had my first exercises to practice which was standing and sitting only holding onto my chair and not using my walker for support to strengthen the leg muscles and yes, I can do it. Since my accident I had completely lost my trust in my body parts. She will be visiting again next Monday and Friday and it at last feel that I am getting somewhere.

We visited the bathroom together and she gave me some tips of getting into the shower, although I will need someone to help, but I think I can do it.

Nera in Bathroom

The idea is of course to remove the cat (although Nera left us for the etnernal cornfields of mice a few years ago) and sit on the end. Then swing my legs into the bath, where I have a seat, and do the necessary.  I will need help with my left leg as it is not for swinging yet, but I can do it. I had a dry practice. Otherwise I now feel a little more confident. She said for a broken leg to heal 100% it needs a complete year, although by practicing my movements, I should be able to move around sooner. She also found it a super idea that I now have an electric wheelchair and reckons in a couple of weeks, I should be able to make a few short journeys with it.

Today I was hugging my bed longer than usual, but I was quite happy about it. Mr. Swiss is tackling the week-end shopping in the meanwhlile and I will do my slowly but surely stuff at home.

And now to move on to the excitements of the day. Keep safe, see you around.

Back Garden

21 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a beautiful cat! My poinsettia is doing well too. It still has it’s original green leaves, plus it has small flowers above the red leaves and more green leaves forming above the red ones! I think I water it about every two weeks. I’m glad you feel that you are getting somewhere – it all takes patience and perseverance.

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  2. Good things are going forward! The cat is very beautiful – sorry it is gone, but hope for lovely mice hunts. Poinsettias are not kept more than over Christmas here, but when I moved into my first home, I could not through away living things. My poinsettias grew bigger and bigger and soon they covered my whole window. But never again did they bring red leaves. So…after some years I had to let them go. Maybe you are lucky enough to get red leaves!

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  4. I too bought a Poinsettia before Christmas and it is doing well beside a sunny window in the kitchen. I try not to kill it with kindness by watering it too often. Sadly my cyclamen will not be returning for a third season. I put it in a different dark cupboard over summer and when I took it out it was disinclined to grow. I will get another one I think and try again.
    I’m glad your therapy lady has been able to give you some good tips and that you have the hope of getting out in your chair soon. What a good thing you bought it when you did.

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    • Sometimes we do tend to overwater our plants. Due to my broken leg, I have neglected them a little, but they are growing well. My cyclamen had a short flowering life, as always, but I still have it somewhere. I have always been unlucky with them, but I will try to revove it again. My therapy lady also said that the chair was a good investment


  5. You know, I never liked poinsettias much. They are so disposable. When I was in school, some of the old homes had big ones under the eaves. They always looked so scrawny. Back then, the white and pink ones were uncommon, and the pale yellow, pale orange and spotted ones had just been invented.. I thought that by the time the newly invented ones get as big as the old red ones, they would be even uglier. I met Paul Ecke, a descendant of the Ecke Family who popularized poinsettias in San Diego many years ago. All my colleagues were schmoozing with him. I got annoyed and said something rude; and we got along splendidly after that.

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    • Poinsettia is for me a Christmas memory. The old Christmas cards were full of photos. They are an indoor plant in Switzerland as they would not survive in our cold temperatures outside. I like watching them grow and they can get quite big and strong here ,

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