Good Morning

Daily Medicine

What a morning. It would be so easy stop hugging my bed and wander to the kitchen to make breafast and perhaps see what the world was doing outside, but today is day of the fresh linen on the bed. I did my best but it was not best enough, and my duvet cover somehow lost the corners of the duvet. Mr. Swiss to the rescue and I moved on to other things, like sorting the laundry for the machine. Now it is all ready for the washing this evening. I generally only run the machine in the evening from 9.00 as electricity is then half price in our area.  I notice that in our house you rarely hear a washing machine during the day. We all have our own private laundry rooms in the cellar, but they are only used in the evening mainly, due to the half rate in electricity.

When I eventually reached the kitchen, my next job was sorting my medicine before thinking about breakfast. I think I will now begin to rattle I tried to reduce my pain killers, but it does not work yet, although I now only take one sort instead of two. I am still on blood thinning tablets until the end of the month to avoid an embolism. This coupled with my diabetes tables, should ensure that I will survive the day and can still indulge in chocolate now and again.


Speaking of chocolate, we have discovered a new sort in our local supermarket. It is a lookalike of a Lindt chocolate known as Chocoletti, but our Migros supermarket calls them Quadretti. They are packed in little cubes and flavoured with blood orange. We prefer the dark chocolate, although you can also have them in milk chcolate. They are very good, and eaten best of all straight from the fridge.

And that would be my highlight of the day. Yesterday I even managed to clean again. I am not quite ready to do the general walkabout with the mop and pan, but I wanted to see what I could achieve. Mr. Swiss was not so happy about that, imagining all sorts of accident scenes, but I survived. I am really fed up with just sitting around and looking out  of the window. It is a sad state of affairs when my only news is the latest chocolate and my medicine.

And now  to move on, who knows what excitement lays in wait. Have a good day.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Chocolate and medicine are better than bad news.
    We had a big staff meeting today, and one my coworkers was noticeably absent. He was ‘the’ main speaker. Then we got the message that he had a heart attack the night before, at about this time. I just got back from seeing him in the hospital

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    • It is very depressing when something like that happens. I have bee living in my area for almost 50 years, am now 71 years old, and these things often happen tp people I know, food for thought

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      • Several of my friends often end up in the hospital because of dangerous activity. I do not like it, and I do not like what they do, but it is the way of things. I could be depressed about it, but I have other things to be depressed about. I could disassociate myself from people who engage in distressful situations, but I do not want to do that either. A few of my friends have passed away during the past few years. It is saddening. However, I would not have changed anything in that regard. Steven, who I went to Oklahoma with, passed away last May. He was not found until almost a month later. I had always known that he would likely succumb in the manner that he did. It was always saddening. It is saddening that he is gone. Sometimes, I allow myself to be sad about it. Most of the time, I can remember what was not saddening about him. I would not have done it any differently if I had the choice now.

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  2. Garry does the laundry every 10 days, give of take. The trick seems to be owning a lot of underwear and socks and I have so much clothing, it’s ridiculous … and I don’t go anywhere, so I don’t really wear much of it anymore. Now that we have had our washer repaired — and not knowing it was broken probably for months before that — it’s much easier and everything is a lot cleaner, too. We do the wrappers we use to keep the sofas clean separately, though. When the kids lived here, they ran two, three laundries every day. I could never figure out what they did that got everything so dirty so fast.

    I have a big, clear plastic bag with all my medications in it. I have long since reached a point where there are too many to sort. But I know what I take and try to have a routine so they get taken at more of less the same time every day. Garry does the same thing. Ain’t getting old grand?

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    • I love getting old, you have so many new hobbies like picking up stuff you keep dropping on the floor. We have a routine with our washing and it works quite well. We run the machine in the evening and when it is finished, hand the washing up in the appartment on a special stand. It dries overnight and we put it away in the morning, so it is not in the way of daily life and costs half the money to wash it. There are only three of us, and I always change to home clothes when I am at home, so the stuff I wear outside hardly every gets dirty.

      I keep my medications to a minimum, but currently I am on pain killers because of my leg.


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