Good Morning


Breakfast is ready for me and the crows. The crows are still thinking about it, but one or two have already appeared and I can hear them cawing in the background. The weather is still quite dull and there is nothing special to report. I already have my first telephone call of the day behind me to confirm my first therapy tomorrow afternoon. She wanted to alter it to the morning, but it would be too early for me. I need twice the time to get into action at the moment, so it remains a late afternoon session.

Mr. Swiss will be doing the daily shopping and how I wish I could go with him, get out a little and see something different than my four walls at home. The cleaning lady came and went yesterday. I have to get used to these things. She did a good job, but it is not what I am used to. I have had to deal with a lot of stuff that I am not used to since my accident and it is very frustrating.

I so miss my nicely organised daily rhythm. Breakfast at the computer composing my good morning writing and a few photos of the surroundings. Afterwards a half hour clean and brush up of the appartment. Now I do not even manage to get outside on the porch. I suppose I could, but the first steps in the morning are the most risky ones. The biggest success I have had up to now is to be able to dress myself in the morning on my own and that is not an easy task. We talk about when I can move around again. Of course I can move, but something like the tortoise, although he managed to get there eventually. I so wish I could walk without support from my walker, which I am beginning to hate.

It’s a short good morning this morning and now I will drag myself onwards to the bathroom.

Enjoy your day, and remember, every step more that you take is a triumph and an obstacle overcome, at least it seems like it to me.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I think you’re doing quite alright Pat, in my weary eyes in any case… 🙂
    What is it growing at the border of your patio, lavender or rosmarin?
    I have both, my lavender doesn’t look as those of yours, if they are…. but my rosmarins (I have several) are becoming TREES….

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      • Good, it means that I don’t have to feel too bad about some of my ailing lavenders! 🙂 They’re usually doing GREAT for a while (a few years) and then die quickly – but we have very hot summers and I’m not watering enough sometimes, me thinks….

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  2. I can relate to your feelings. It is not to push youself. I I understand the feeling about the walker, I didn’t gave it when I fell. If I had it maybe I could gave stop the fall. I am still trying to adjust to my new living environment. Good Luck with handling yours.

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  3. I can understand how frustrated you are. Loss of independence is hard to bear when you have always done everything for yourself. Still at least you are in your own familiar home with Mr Swiss and your son to help out. How much worse to be in a nursing home with other people’s time tables and rules. Hang in there. You can still read and write, your brain won’t get lazy. Spring will come and you will be out there in your wheelchair with the camera once again.

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