Good Morning


I was determined to get a photo of my snowdrops before they disappear together. This is through the window with the phone camera, so not the best quality. It has also rained in the meanwhile, so the window could do with a polish. I do not feel so secure to go outside with my walker yet. I planted the snowdrops about 10 years ago and they return every year as one of the first flowers in the garden.

Monday again and a new week begins. Tomorrow my cleaning lady will be here for a couple of hours in the morning, so I am not quite sure if and when I will be here in the morning. As she will be occupying the bathroom and shower, I will leave her to it. It might seem strange, but I have never had a cleaning lady. I always managed to do my own cleaning. I know a few people that employ them. Even in my working days, I managed to fit it in myself. I was going to work, had school kids but I never even thought of having someone to clean.  Since being retired I had the time to do it all myself.  It is part of my daily life, and now I have had to give up. Mr. Swiss does what he can, but he also has his back problems. It is really only the bathroom, shower and kitchen that needs polishing up and windows now and. again. As I did everything regularlly, it never really got so dirty. Mr. Swiss was always telling me I was doing too much of a good thing, but now he also reallises that it was just right. I never had stress. Now I just let is go, I am too weary to do anything.

I don’t know about you, but I have Google Chrome as my browser and every day they bring a new doodle featuring the olympic Winter games in Pyeongchang in South Korea, which is a good start to my day. I am not watching the games intensively, but Switzerland has won a few medals up to now. Yesterday they showed that there are many empty seats at the games, and that they have now begun to distribute free tickets.

I will now move on, to deal with my daily tasks, which are not many at the moment. Mr. Swiss is off shopping and I have the logistics to do. Have a good beginning to the week.

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16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I saw in a news report this morning that there is one South African taking part in the Winter Olympics. Cleaning is quite challenging for us now as we are only supposed to use grey water for cleaning because of the drought!

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  2. Have a good day Pat. I too never had a cleaning lady until I broke my pelvis, and it became a necessity. Unlike Mr Swiss, when I showed my husband the vacuum cleaner, he said it looked too complicated. This is a man who makes his living being an accountant, I suppose he is better suited with numbers. She stayed 5 years long after I was healed, and it was always a pleasure to come home and find a sparkling house. But she went back to her home country and for 14 years I have done it myself once again. Not so sparkling, but good enough

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    • Mr. Swiss is really a big help at home, but there are some things that even he cannot manage. We are now both golden oldies, he is 8 years older than I am, and we have decided to reap some of the benefits that life has given us, like having a cleaning lady. Perhaps when my accident problems are better, I will do it again myself.


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE snowdrops. When living ‘back home’ it was a sure-tell sign of spring being on its way. But I’ve never ever, anywhere, managed to get them to grow and even less of them reappearing a year later. I think they choose where they want to be and then they’re ‘faithful’ companions.
    Once when we thought we’d sell our house we had a cleaning lady (actually three, the first one created her own ‘cleaning enterprise’ and does well with it, the second one managed in three ‘visits’ to destroy bits of a wooden staircase and more serious damage and the third one being the daughter of the 1st came to see mother for a few months and then went back to Portugal….), and I do seem to be a bit of an oddity here in France. It seems that just about everybody has some form or other of a cleaning person. You have a house, you ‘must’ have a cleaner….. I honestly would greet one with great enthusiasm but I am ‘at home’, have no income and no reason not to do it myself and the only ‘claim’ I have, is that my eye-sight is getting so bad that I literally don’t see much of the dirt and HH is not the one to see it either…. Therefore, I would love to have one, a good one, a person of confidence and trust, I seriously would feel better. It’s just not in ‘our bones’, we, hard working Swiss people, don’t let anybody ‘do our dirty work’…. And don’t talk about window cleaning – I don’t mind doing it but with a 128 small squares only in our dining/salon (room) it’s a tremendous job. So one day I decided: Clean windows are VASTLY overrated! 🙂
    I read that the winter games are AGAIN featuring a team of Jamaican bob sledge drivers 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • I also love my snowdrops, they appear every year, same time and same place. I am just out of my routine now with cleaning since my accident. Mr. Swiss wanted a cleaning help for some time, and now I have one. I have no big choice and hope it goes well.


    • We had a look in internet for our area and I asked No. 2 son as he had a cleaning woman. Most rates are the same and for the 2 hours a week we need her it is affordable for us. Of course I could use the money for other needs, but this is now priority for us.


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