Daily Prompt: Compromise, not really

Computer toys

Life is full of compromises, although I generally go the whole hog. Mr. Swiss once brought an Apple computer home. It was a smaller version, for us both to use. I tried it out, decided that both was not my thing and so ordered the most expensive Macbook Pro available for myself, I don’t share. I fell in love with this Apple computer. Mr. Swiss talked about fitting it up with Word, which is a compromise that I do not do. If it is a Mac then Mac programmes. I got used to the Pages programme for writing so why should I have word. I am still not into Numbers, which is the Apple Excel version, but do not need it.

Mr. Swiss does everything in Excel. If he gives me a document with all his passwords. it is all in excel which I find annoying. No, we definitely do not compromise with our computer style.

And so I was happy with my new Apple computer, but decided a Microsoft computer also does the job well, so I compromised as an exception  and got myself a new Windows 10 Acer Computer, mainly for my photos. They are both still working well. In the meanwhile my iPad was on its last legs, an older model, so I yet again decided to go the whole hog and bought a new iPad with 256 GB. I love iPads. I can sit in a chair in the evening and catch up with comments on my blogging site without having to fire up one of my two computers.

I had an iPhone 6, and suddenly iPhone people designed a new version. Mr. Swiss had a iPhone 7 for some time, but again no compromise. I wanted something better and now am the proud owner of an iPhone X.

Actually when reading through this work, I realise that I do not compromise. I just have an expensive taste. If it is too expensive, I just do not buy it. I do not compromise.

Daily Prompt: Compromise, not really

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Compromise, not really

  1. There are places for compromise, but my computers and cameras are not those places. When it comes to the stuff I rely on to make my life work the way I need it to work, I get the absolutely best thing I possibly can — and hope it lives a long time!

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    • I have no idea what you mean. Please explain further. It is definitely not my style, sounds like something from internet and I would remove this at once, but see nothing in this connection. It seems that you are the only one seeing this, otherwise I am sure others would have mentioned it


  2. It’s your hobby, why should you compromise? David and I had quite different computer styles too. It was good when Windows came out with the ability to store multiple desktops as then he could have his screen covered in folders and I could have my favourite few and a nice picture in the background. Later we just had individual computers. He loved Excel too but I would do more documents in Word.

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    • At the beginning we shared the computer until one day I announced I want my own computer. From then on we developed our own style. My computer is full,of photos and Mr. Swiss music.

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  3. When I read your post that day at the bottom of the post was a thumb print picture of NormandGreekNudie in full nudity. Just like today I’m looking at Steve Jobs and Episode1-I AM THE BEST under more on WordPress.com I wanted to let you know perhaps it’s my computer. . . . just saying, Claudia


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