Daily Prompt: Present


No, I was not given an iron as a presemt. but since my leg breaking accident, things are changing at home. Basically ironing is my department, and no problem. I have the routine and manage half an hour at the job about once a week, no big deal. Now and again Mr. Swiss does a few things, it is not magic and he manages quite well, but he also has his problems as his back no longer manages so well.

I can do absolutely nothing in my present condition and so by a unanimous decision, the time has come for No. 1 son to learn the workings of ironing. No.2 son moved out many years ago, is now married with his own small family, and began to iron some years ago. I believe he had a household help in his days as a batchelor,  but he knew how to do it.

Today is the day of the inauguration. The ironing board has been set up and No. 1 son is on his way to becoming a professional ironer. He manages very well, following instructions from Mr Swiss and myself. He is now at the bed linen and no complaints about back ache, he has everything under control. I noticed that Mr. Swiss and I have different ideas on how to iron a duvet, although the result is the same. My method is a little quicker, if I may say say so.

This is a present to all of us. When I am back in action I will take over my daily chores again, but it is always good when you have an extra pair of ironing hands to help. I am sitting in a corner in the same room watching the progress with orders from Mr. Swiss not to intervene. They are now on the point of turning the duvet cover. I can see a small problem, but my lips are sealed. In 50 years No 1 son will also have the solution to the problem.

Daily Prompt: Present

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Present

    • I used to make all my own clothes and attended a dress making course once a week for many years. We were a good group of ladies and our teacher was very good. You also learned the details of ironing the garment you were making and that was a benefit to knowing how to iron properly. I don’t mind ironing, no big deal. Mr. Swiss helps now and again, but now the big problem has arrived, so it is every man for himself. Shirts were never a problem, although I am glad that the Mr. Swiss days of working in an office are now over.

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      • The last ironic g I did was ironing seams of whatever I was making and I used the iron my crochet and knitting whenever I wanted block them. I make a point of buying clothes that don’t need ironing and an careful to take care of them as soon as they come out the washing machine. My caregivers are not as careful.

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  1. Isn’t it hard to keep quiet when you have done the very thing and you notice someone is doing it ‘wrong’? I have learned to be quiet and let my husband do it his way. As you said, the results is the same. But I do think my way is better… 🙂

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  2. My iron and ironing board are retired now. I used to do ironing for all kinds of people and made pretty good money at it. I like ironing, though. Your son can be proud to have learned how to do it himself! 🙂

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  3. I loathe ironing. When i was a kid, my mother used to make me iron and I remember the agony of my father’s shirts. The only time I ironed without complaint was when I was seriously collecting dolls and needed to iron their 60 or 70 year old dresses. I had a special small iron to use for it and a LOT of starch. That old fabric need help in holding together!

    Garry irons and he does it very well indeed. He also folds like a professional. His father was a tailor and of the many things he learned (sadly, sewing was NOT one of them), ironing and folding. You should see him fold. Classic. Garry irons his jeans. He feels they need a proper crease.

    Iron jeans? Really? But he does. He never irons MY clothing, though. I have to beg on bended knee. He will iron his own stuff, but that’s it.

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    • Mum did the ironing at home and she ironed everything, even socks and underwear. When I lived alone I ironed my own clothes and when I got married I was the family ironer. My mother in law was convinced no-one could iron as well as she could, but she was completely convinced that she was perfect. I never had a problem with jeans, but I never ironed a crease in them. I learned a lot about ironing when I made my own clothes, especially ironing creases in my good trousers as well as for Mr,Swiss.


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