Good Morning

ER Hospital

Before panic breaks out, I am here. This morning we discovered I still have at least 8 stitches beneath a plaster in my leg in a separate row that were missed when I had the stitches out. As they had now been there for three weeks we phoned the emergency number. It was Saturday and the doctors are closed.

We got instructions to come immediately to the hospital, so after eating a quick breakfast and getting ready, Mr. Swiss and I were on our way. As usual the waiting room in the ER had a few patients. Some were wearing masks, which is a new rule. If you call in with a cold then cover up you face. We do not want it spreading. I reported at the desk and discovered to my delight that the lady in charge was born and bred english, just like me. We parted the best of friends. I had to wait a while, showed my medi card and eventually the doc arrived.

ER Hospital

I was invited to take a place on their couch, but decided I would rather sit or stand as I was not sure if I could manage to get onto the counch with my walker and various problems with the broken leg. The doc said no problem, and if I could stand he would remove the stitches. He mentioned that 2 stitches had already grown into the wound, but with a pull and tug he got them out as well. Yes, it did hurt, but I survived.

I am now at home stitch free thank goodness. So we can all relax: a late good morning but I arrived in one piece and 8 pieces of black cotton less.

See you later, must now go and cook lunch.

ER Hospital

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Very glad you discovered them before it got any worse!!! And glad the waiting room wasn’t as awful as they sometimes get. That should at least make the itching less itchy. I think I find the itching more aggravating than pain! You’ve really had such a hard time. All I can do is send you my best wishes flying across the ocean and hope they land on your shoulders and make you feel a little better. Hugs!!

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    • Thanks Marilyn. I was glad that we managed to get it dealt with. I have an ointment for the itchy bits which works quite well. Luckily we noticed the remaining stitches as they were a week overdue to be removed.


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