Good Morning


Yesterday we had snow, actually quite a lot eventually, but by the time evening arrived, there was almost nothing left. An animal walked through my front garden, but Tabby my cat pleaded not guilty and it was probably the neighbour’s cat Roschti. It seems my garden is one of those secret feline paths.

Our snow cover has now completely disappeared as I think it rained on the parade. Mr. Swiss is already busy preparing for his excursion to the week-end shopping temple of the supermarket. He says if he goes early enough there will be enough parking place and he can get it done and done with. I was busy yesterday evening composing the shopping list. Life seems to be full of planning at the moment, but we golden oldies do not have any other major tasks. The only thing I am capable of doing is cooking, so I tend to make the most of it, dropping bits and pieces on the floor in the process and Mr. Swiss picking them up for me afterwards.

I have even begun to watch the TV again in the evening. I gave up long ago, preferring a book, but currently I fall asleep withe the Kindle in my hand, so decided to stick to the TV. Yesterday was an interesting programme about the Swiss Air Rescue, known here as REGA. We pay annually for the service which means that if we would need a helicopter rescue it would not be charged. I found their english website REGA. They have many heicopters stations in Switzerland and we now and again see them flying overhead as they make their way to rescue and injured person in the local mountains.

Helicopter over Felbrunnen 18.07 (1)

I managed to capture an image on one as it flew past our area some time ago. The helicopters are manned by a team including a doctor and pilot and other medics and are 24 hours ready on a call up. They are not allowed to fly more than 12 hours at a time due to safety precautions. They also fetch people abroad and on the TV programme we saw a live rescue of a Swiss guy in Venice. He had an accident whilst on holiday and the Swiss flew to the hospital where the team had to board a canal boat to get to the hospital. They transferred the guy to the waiting plane and flew him back to Switzerland. They also showed a rescue of a lady that had broken her foot in a forest and her husband had to walk to the next village and alarm the REGA. They dropped a doctor by cable into the forest where he attended to the lady and afterwards hauled them both back into the helicopter.

On one of my stays at the local hospital for an operation I remember watching a helicopter land to deliver a patient. It was in the middle of the night and there were flashing lights and noise which woke me up. I had my camera with me and took a photo, although it was difficuilt through the blinds at night.

Helicopter landing Solothurn Hospital in the night

Being a patient myself at the moment, my interest has been aroused. I will begin my physio therapy next week. The doc has arrenged for it to be done at home as I am not very mobile. I will have to see if they can get me moving again in my old way.  It can only get better.

And now to move on, Mr. Swiss has already left on his way to the store and I should also make my way into the land of the living. It will soon be the week-end, so make the most of it, although being a golden oldie, one day is just like the other.


18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I think our Search and Rescue is still free and there are a lot of mountain rescue’s on Table Mountain because it is so accessible and people don’t realize how quickly the weather can change. The mist can come down in 5 minutes even in summer – that happened long ago when we, (myself, sister and brother), were climbing with my parents and you could not see your hand in front of your face! My father used to do search and rescue back then and most times, they would carry the injured person down on a stretcher but now they mostly use the Air Rescue helicopters. Good luck with your physio!

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    • We pay a certain amount as members and if you need them it is a lot cheaper than paying the complete price for a helicopter and doctor team. Accidents can happen easily in the mountains, although there are some that think they are there to help if you cannot be bothered to climb down the mountain.

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  2. God morning. I am glad you will getting physical therapy That should help with dropping items on the floor. I had 3 weeks of intense therapy. I learn how to dress yself, cook and exceeded that strengthen my leg and hip. Next I several months at home. There is one to strengthen my wraists. I can tell the difference when I do the exceeded regularly.

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    • Dropping stuff on the floor has more to do with the nerves in my right hand due to an MS relapse. I can manage to dress myself, although slow and steady, but I will be glad to strengthen my leg and also be able to get into the shower I can wash myself OK, but it is not the same.

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      • I was never do glad when the IT took and help with a shower. I had couple of others before I left rehab. A shower tires me out that was true before I broke my leg and hip. It is now about 6 months and while I can do most things I am s!ow. About 5 months I was strong enough to go a store. About 4 months before I graduated to a cane.

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      • We gave physical therapy to my dad. I think it helped him remain more flexible and stronger and helped him with the muscle spasms. But because my family was so weird, it wasn’t as consistent as it should have been. Daily with patience would have been better.

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        • I had it for my MS but I am not such a bad case, but you never know the direction it can take. At the moment I seem to have a relapse that affects my hands, although it could be a result of the fall I had.

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          • I don’t know. I know with my dad that before things got bad (and the meds you have didn’t exist back then which is important) if he were stressed his symptoms were worse. I think it’s reasonable that your fall and everything else exacerbates your other symptoms probably temporarily. Fear is powerful and what happened to you was scary.

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    • My doc wrote the prescription for the physio clearly stating at home. I am glad, it would be too much stress otherwise. We have quite a helicopters circling here because of the hospitals and mountain rescues.


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