Daily Prompt: Rube

St. Niklaus, Feldbrunnen

A rube by any other name would be a “country bumpkin” as this word is not known to me, something used over the pond. I live in a small village. We have a village school and the kids are educated in 2-3 classes. There are not enough children to build various classes according to age groups. It works, and when they are old enough they make their way to town to the high school to prepare for their examinations, so rube descendants are a dying race..

But I live in the country where the hedgehogs and rabbits say goodnight to each other, so where are the rubes? A few of them are not at home, but away in their second homes, situated in the south where the sun always shines. The rubes that have decided to remain in the village are busy instructing the builders on improving their home. Some are planning on an outdoor swimming pool and others are busy with the gardiner who is caring for their garden.

Of course we have the rubes that work, mostly doctors, architects and perhaps some bank managers. There is even part of the village being rebuilt. Some houses had to be removed to make way for the older generation. New luxury appartments are being built to accommodate the rising golden oldie population. They used to disappear to senior homes, looked after by nurses and medical people. Now they move into something bigger and better. There is a connection to a porter and a cleaning lady calls daily. The rubes are gone, at least those that had to rely on their descendents to look after them. There is a new class in society, the rubes with money from the houses they sold to be able to move into the better places.

Some were farmers, but the farms have been passed on to the chilren and the parent rubes are now relaxing somewhere on a sunny beach, perhaps in Spain. Yes, the world has got smaller for the rubes, they go places and see things they never had the chance to realise in the good old days.

So where is the village fool, the “land-eggs”. It is a dying race. They invest their money in property, They have moved on, althugh somewhere there is a rube still driving the tractor. He does it because he still enjoys being in the fresh air and is heping the rube descendents with the farm they took over. Life has changed for the rubes, they pay by bank transfer and buy their wine in the local store. They no longer tread the grapes by foot.

Harvested crops and corn field

Daily Prompt: Rube

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