Good Morning

Morning Snow

Jt’s here, the snow has arrived in our part of the world. Yesterday the weather reports warned us to be careful on the roads. Very cold temperatures and snow do not mix well, although two golden oldies like us do not go places very often. Mr. Swiss said he might venture out this afternoon. He forgot to buy bread yesterday, although we always have a spare loaf in the freezer. There is no longer a spare loaf as we had to defrost it, but it can wait until this afternoon. Although our area in the flat plain of the middleland of Switzerland got a fair share, the eastern part of Switzerland, mainly St. Gall and the area, are sinking in snow with car wrecks strewn across he icy roads.

I dragged myself to the kitchen to take a couple of photos and prepared breakfast. Mr. Swiss had not yet fed the birds. The crows and magpies like their bread ration in the morning. Mr. Swiss ventured into the garden and threw out the daily ration. As he turned the crows swooped down onto the garden. Usually they wait until he disappears, but this time they were impatient. I have never seen anything like it. There must have been at least 8 mega large crows hopping and flying for their bread ration and they were not behaving well with each other. There was a crow fight with noise and pushes. Then the magpies arrived and it was developing into a battleground fighing for the right to the chopped bread. You say you should not feed bread to the birds, explain that to them, I am not sure they would agree. They have now disappeared, each bird carrying at least 2 or 3 pieces of bread in its beak.

Snowy morning

It is still snowing and will  continue until lunchtime at least. Not big heavy flakes, but small to medium size, coating everything in white.

Already Thursday again and time to compose a weekend shopping list, although I suppose I should have better things to do, but I am now a lady of leisure, watching the others to everything. I contacted my physio therapist yesterday and she will call back to arrange appointments, although at the moment I cannot go anywhere in the snow and ice.

Our canival was finished yesterday evening. The grand finale is the burning of an over life sized dummy on the main square in Solothurn. The dummy is packed with fireworks and as the flames engulf it they explode. In my younger more active days I used to watch the spectacle with Mr. Swiss. Before the fire begins there are musicians walking around the dummy to their music. And now our local town returns to normal life. On Monday the biggest carnival celebration in Switzerland begins in Basel. It is only 3 days, but the Basel people really go to town on it. It begins around 5 in the morning and the carnival groups have each built a large lantern showing carnival subjects. They walk around the town accompanied by their traditional pipes and drums with the lanterns.  I was in Basel many years ago by chance to witness the spectacle. The town really does not sleep for the following 3 days. And afterwards we have peace in Switzerland again for the following year.

And now to complete my daily routine, which is no longer a routine. My broken leg has taken over.

Have fun, enjoy the day, see you around.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It looks like a winter wonderland 🙂 My mother had enough of snow and cold during the war in London and they were very happy to come back to South Africa in 1944. My dad lived in the UK and India as a child and he did not like cold, wet weather either! We also have what we call ‘swallows’ – people who spend 6 months here in summer to avoid UK winters and then go back for their summer in the UK.

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    • It is not such a wonderland if it begins to rain and freezes. The Brits never got used to snow, they couldn’t handle it very well. We have a very warm part of Switerland on the borders to Italy. Many have their summer houses and appartments there in places like Lugano and Locarno. We often spent our summer holidays there.

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  2. No snow for now, but it is cold. I sent Garry out to pick up prescriptions. I’m not feeling well enough to go anywhere. The doctor called ME! Imagine that. I think I’m going to go sit in the shower and see what hot water can do for me. Nothing else is doing much. I’m very tired of winter. Bet you are doubly tired of it. We all need the Bahamas!

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    • We had enough snow today but has melted in the meanwhile. I hope it doesn’t freeze tomorrow.. I wish I could actually get into the shower but I have to do the best I can. I just need a new functioning leg.


  3. We have a similar ‘dummy’ in Santa Fe called Zozobra which is enormous and has moving arms and loud groaning sounds. You can write your bad experiences or whatever on paper which gets thrown at Old Man Gloom, and when they light it and it burns up so do the bad experiences, and Zozobra gives out horrific groans all the time; fireworks as well. Huge crowds congregate to watch it, and pay admission. It’s a mega fundraising event, and held in August.
    We had rain !!!! last night and this morning and the mountains looked like someone had shaken talc or icing sugar on them. But as soon as the sun comes back, that will evaporate. But my goodness we were so excited to see the rain!

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    • Your dummy sounds an interesting event and a good event, so let’s hope it works. We have had dry weather, often in summer, but rarely in Winter. We have snow followed by rain and there are parts of Switzerland subject to flooding.


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