Daily Prompt: Costume


Our costume time is now finished, the carnival was over yesterday, but during the 6 days of the tradition, costumes are worn by those that enjoy the season and participate. Almost 10 years ago I was still a working woman and some of my colleagues would take a weeks holiday to celebrate the carnival.

It was the first day of carnival, Thursday morning, when the big wake up noise was made in the town: people dressing in their white night shirts with a red scarf around their necks, and of course to crown it all a white night cap with a tassel, all in the name of tradition. Of course a horn, rattle, drum or other noisy instrument has to be used to wake up the ghosts of the carnival.

I was busy at my desk and suddenly we hear a noise outside of a horn and bells. The wagon had arrived from the carnival people selling hot soup for those of us that belonged to the workers. I did not really like the soup, but it was all in the name of tradition and carnival.

Solothurn Carnival 2007

During the week of carnival there would be a procession in our town. Although I am not a fan of carnival, I made an exception once to take some photos of the procession. The various groups taking part invest time and money in their costumes.

Solothurn Carnival 2007

Coloured confetti is fired from the carnival floats. If you happen to be a known personality from town, then do not be surprised if you are recognised from the carnival people and your name called out with an added joke. It is tradition. The procession takes about 2 hours to pass through the town. The various exhibits are usually pulled by tractors though the town and afterwards you see the now not so decorative wagons being pulled back to their origins, usually a barn somewhere on a farm.

Carnival Wagon going to town

Daily Prompt: Costume

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Costume

    • Oh yes, but only in certain areas. The town of Zürich does not have carnival and neither does the town of Bern. Basel is the biggest carnival and otherwise it is mainly the Roman Catholic places.


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