Good Morning


This morning there was quite a gathering of crows outside, all pouncing on their breakfast. A magpie was watching from a tree. The magpies are wary of crows and wait until the coast is clear before they take the leftovers.

This morning did not begin so successfully. I was preparing my frugal breakfast with hands that no longer manage to grip so well. I thought it might be something to do with my op, although it is the righthand that is giving me problems. It was my leftleg that was operated and nothing was done to my right hand. My doc suspects an MS relapse which is probably the case. There is nothing I can do about that, no medicine, no cure, just exercise the hand.  Anyhow, to continue. I removed the butter from the fridge and followed up with a fresh glass of blackberry jam. No the jam remained in one piece. It was the smaller glass of honey next to it that decided to prove the laws of gravity and fell out of the fridge hitting the stone floor with a dull sound.

Mr. Swiss to the rescue, who seems to spend more time picking up stuff that I drop. On the first examination the honey glass was no broken, but that was only the first examination. The second showed the opposite. Luckily honey is sticky and the glass splinters stuck to the glass, so no big glassy catastrophe on the floor.

I would like to show a wonderful blue sky with clouds, but that is not happening at the moment. It is still very cold outside. I read in the local news online that Switzerland have apple problems this year. We have quite an apple harvest in Switzerland, I even have two apple trees in my garden.

Apples 20.05 (3)

I am quite proud of this apple tree, as I grew it from an apple seed and it took at least 10 years until the first apples appeared. The first apples did not survive so well, but now it flowers regularly every year. My second apple tree, that I bought as a young tree, always supplies at least 100 apples a year.

Apple Tree

The main apple producing region of Switzerland is in the east, the Kanton of Thurgau. Last year there was an early frost which reduced the harvest by 50% and so this year we will have to import apples from the surrounding countries such as France and Italy to boost our harvest. During the summer months we always have apples from South America and South Africa as the Swiss apple havest is only in Autumn.

Today is a day of shopping, for Mr. Swiss. For the time being I can only help with the logistics. I will be so happy when I can get out and about again, but it is a slow healing process with my leg. We have been together 50 years, but I think this is the first time that one of us is so incapacitated that the other has to do it all. I do not remember a time when I had to give up with any household chores.

At least I can still read and use my computer.

And now to move on with my busy full packed day of washing and dressing and cooking lunch and dropping stuff on the floor which I cannot pick up. Have fun, see you later.

Blackbird 12.02 (1)

Mrs. Blackbird says good morning.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m not sure how many apples will be harvested this year because of the drought. The biggest apple area is Elgin and Grabouw just outside Cape Town. The farmers there seem to be managing their water very well, so here’s hoping for a good harvest now.

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  2. It is nearly time for the apple harvest in Tasmania (The Apple Isle). Last season was apparently a poor germination period and I had virtually no apples and nor did many people i know who have trees. This year I have a lot of apples which are just about ready to pick. They are a variety called Gravenstein I think.

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  3. Read a lot about the apple shortage in CH…. Funnily, in France most of the apples come from New Zealand and some from Germany – this is a poisonous subject with me. Wherever I live, I try to buy local – this morning I bought organic garlic which was hardly any dearer than the imported Spanish garlic (pas bio). The one looming bag of French garlic was so old and decrepit that not even I wanted it, the bulbs broken apart and the single cloves all dried out and shrunk.
    Please Pat, don’t ever put honey in the fridge. It’s a natural product and keeps nearly indefinitely without it going into the fridge. Sorry for the fall of the pot – and an interesting detail I discovered this morning over breakfast. Dear friends of ours visited from the Wallis (Valais) and because they knew about our local honey addiction, they plied their supplier to sell them a single jar of his already promised last stock. I took the jar up from the cellar this morning and marvelled at its little weight. It is filled up in a quite sturdy plastic ‘jar’ with a real metal lid and had you had it, nothing would have happened to you…. 😉 On the other hand, local honey is so expensive (and I understand that fully!) – it should probably come in little boxes made of precious stone 🙂

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    • I don’t even eat apples, just an Aepfulkuchen now and again if Mr. Swiss bakes one. Apples bore me as a fruit.
      Our honey will remain in the fridge because I do not have room for it elsewhere. I am not even supposed to eat it with my diabetes. It is Mr. Swiss honey and he buys it now and again with special tokens from our bank – complicated story.


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  5. You must feel very frustrated. All I can offer is that it will improve and with the kind of MS you have, there’s a reasonable chance it will ease off too. I remember when i came back from heart surgery and made the HIDEOUS discovery that I could not get off the toilet. That was probably my worst moment. I had to get Garry to hoist me up.

    Things got better. I can get off the potty now all by myself. Wow.

    Aren’t we glad we HAVE computers? Can you imagine dealing with this without nothing but books and maybe a television? I love reading but I would feel even more trapped. I bless computers every day for giving me at least a virtual way out of the house, even if it’s only in my head.

    Try to be patient. It must be very hard for you. But time will do the job. Slower than you want, but it will get you there.

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    • My biggest problem at the moment is the numbness in my lefthand. I cannot grip so well. I can still manage to inject my medicine, but I hope it doesn’t get worse. I just wish the next 2-3 months were over. The pain could be worse. During the day I can manage, but I do not sleep very well. I wish I could get out. Gettting into the shower is an impossibility,and Mr. Swiss helps me to wash my hair. There are so many things in life that are so natural, but it takes just an accident to realise where the borderline is. I so miss my photography and thank goodness for the computer and even cookong. I still manage to cook lunch, as i have no other house chores at the moment. Mr. Swiss looks after imbalances otherwise


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