Good Morning

Clouds 12.02 (1)

Things are brightening up just a little. We are getting brighter skies, although temperatures are somewhere around -5°C. This photo is from yesterday afternoon, although this morning the sun is also shining.

Robin 12.02.2018

And look who paid a visit yesterday. I organised the window from my chair in the living room as the bird feeder is just outside and there is a back and forth of birds all day. I organisied my cameras and was ready to shoot and this little robin appeared in front of the window. We do not often see robins, and only in Winter. They always arive alone and I was very lucky that this one stayed long enough for a photo.

Finch 12.02 (2)

This bird also appeared and after consultation with a bird book we have and a discussion with Mr. Swiss we decided it must be a chaffinch, although all corrections welcome. Amazing the traffic in front of the window.

And at last we have a cleaning lady. She arrived yesterday to have a look. She will come once a week to go over the bathroom, shower and kitchen, which is ideal for us. I am not in any condition to do any cleaning at the moment, and Mr. Swiss cannot do everything. It is so frustrating for me. I always had order. I still do, but it is not the same. Things I did automatically daily are no longer being done. Our appartment is looking OK, but I feel so useless at the moment. I am still waiting for the miracle day when I rise in the morning and can move like I used to. The medics at the hospital all seemed to think in three months I will be back to normal, and I have a feeling that normal is no longer a word in my vocabulary.

Sparrows 12.02 (2)

The crocus are now appearing in the garden. Time goes so fast as I though they were very early this year, but of course not. We already have almost mid February. Last year I was trapped in my home due to the renovation work on our building and this year I have a broken leg.

I will now dither around, trying to have a wash which is now very complicated. I am now a lady of leisure, just sitting around and doing nothing except for cooking lunch. Have a good day or night, see you around.

Blackbirds 12.02 (1)

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I feel your resentments, understand them but this is – after all – quite a happy post…. so many lovely birds, you’ve got your help, you’re on the mend – now it’s just having the patience…. In German we say: God give me patience – but right NOW!

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