Good Morning


Birdlife in front of the window this morning was again a couple of crows salvaging the remains of the bread being watched by the magpie sitting in the tree. Mr. Swiss has now become the birdman of Feldbrunnen in the morning, since I am only hopping around. He cuts the remains of yesterday’s bread into beak sized pieces and spreads it around. A few minutes later the first crows arrive and carry what they can in their beak, leaving the remains for the sparrows. The bread pieces are almost as big as the sparrows, but they never give up.

I noticed the Winter Olympic games are in progress in Pyeongchang in South Korea. In our home it used to be a big thing when the kids were smaller, especially when all four were at home. Mr. Swiss would be cheering on for the Swiss skiers along with his son and I also got a bit of what was going on at the edge. The Brits only really interested themselves for bob sleigh and ice skating, but the Swiss are born on skis it seems. We knew the names of our heroes, Pirmin Zurbriggen, Bernhard Russi and Roland Collombin to name a few. These were the stars of the last centrury which are now long retired, but we would cheer them on, being sure of a medal somewhere.

Today there are no longer any great stars remaining in the Swiss team sure of a medal, except perhaps Dario Collongna, a ski cross country skier, who is quite successful. The women’s Swiss ice hockey team beat combined North and South Korea by 8 goals to 0. It seems the North Koreans mentioned how excellent the Korean team played with an outstanding performance, but did not mention that they lost. Now that is fake news if there ever was.

Mr. Swiss will again brave the masses at the supermarket this morning for the shopping. After a consultation we composed our shopping list. I decided on fried potates today. Mr. Swiss loves pasta with everything, but the noodles are now coming out of my ears, and I would really love a potato for a change. We often wonder how we got together as our food tastes are completely different. but at least we have variations on the menu. Yesterday evening I yet again watched some sort of criminal series on the TV, but at least it was better than the film I saw the day before “Pompei” about the downfall of the town.

I was actually in Pompei on holiday in 1964 which was very impressive seeing the bodies of long gone people preserved in the volcanic rocks as the died. There were also a few lewd paintings in a villa which were reserved only for the eyes of the men. Ladies were not allowed, although today I am sure this has been altered. I think the film was a bit of a glorification of the event, but they all died at the end, which was the only piece of realism in the film.

And I will now leave you with a photo of our crows in flight, to show that I can also take other photos other than those in front of the kitchen window. When I begin to move again, the first thing I will be doing is taking photos. I miss that part of my action so much. Keep well and see you later.

Crows in flight 13.11 (1)

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That movie was so lame! People were preserved when they were buried gently in ash after they died. Anyone out in a pyroclastic flow was incinerated. Well, there were a few such inaccuracies that I can not remember now. Movies are not what they used to be.

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  2. I didn’t even know that the Winter Olympics had started! We get no coverage on national TV and most subscriptions are too expensive and not worth it. We are going to subscribe to Netflix for movies as that seems to be the most value for money. I remember reading, a very long time ago, The last days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

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  3. I remember being really interested in the Olympics — years ago. Now, we don’t watch at all. I’m not sure why we lost interest, but we did. We ARE watching the Westminster Dog Show. We root for the dogs.

    Always wanted to go to Italy, with Pompei high on the list. Never made it. Don’t think it’s going to happen, now.

    It is very dull here right now. I haven’t been out since last week. It has been icy, raining, snowing, or just plain very cold. Since I have taken pictures, I’ve been going back through folder from previous years and redoing a lot of pictures since I’ve gotten better at processing. But this is a very dull time of year and everything looks gray and dull. The world looks like wet bark and mud. Hopefully, in another month and a half, we’ll start to see brighter skies. We live in hope.

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    • I am not an olympics fan, but the Winter Olympics are interesting for the Swiss. I just follow the medals won by the Swiss team.
      Italy is just over the border from Switzerland, so we often went there on Autumn holidays. My big Italian holiday was when I was 18. my friend and I did. 2 weeks visiting Florence, Rome and Sorrento including some sights like Pompei. I fell in love with the country then.
      I now feel like Jimmy Stewart in the film Rear Window where I observe everything outside through the window with my camera, although nothing exciting happened yet. The afternoons have some blue skies and it is very cold. I haven’t been out since my accident.


  4. I heard on the news about Switzerland beating the North/South Korea team but I don’t really follow the Olympics winter or summer. Australia is not known for winning Winter Olympic medals except for the famous incident in 2002 at the speed skating when Aussie Steven Bradbury took gold after everyone else fell over. That was pretty funny. David and I also liked the Brit, “Eddie the Eagle” just for his determination.

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