Daily Prompt: Conjure

Autumn Leaves 28.10 (2)

When the wind blows it leaves all sorts of discarded items in its aftermath, mostly leaves, although in town there could be a few paper bags, hamburger boxes, and all sorts of objects needed for human consumption. I would add that the Swiss are quite a disciplined bunch and rarely drop things to the ground. At the moment it is carnival time and the streets are full of coloured confetti from the procession. They even have confetti canons on the floats passing by and now and again release a few kilo of the confetti.


Our street cleaners arrive after the procession and tbe next morning everything disappears as if a conjurer walked through the town. Of course if it rains the work takes more time as the confetti is a wet job.

The problem at the moment is that wherever I go I leave a trail of various objects. I am somewhat handicapped with my broken leg and if something falls on the floor I can no longer pick it up. My hands are also not what they were due to MS, and the feeling is no longer so good. I can no longer grip objects so well and so we have the situation and I wish I had my own private conjurer. Today I fried the little potatoes, which is no problem. Just chop them into smaller pieces and throw them in the pan. Throwing is not so good however, as some miss the pan and arrive on the floor. At the same time I was peeling brussel sprouts which added some colour to the refuse on the floor from the green peelings. In between I might drop a paper napkin, just whatever I need. There has also been the case of a broken plate or cup.

Mr. Swiss has now become the cleaner. He knows that if he is away in town, when he returns there will be a mixture of objects to collect strewn all over the appartment. I remember a TV series “I dream of Jeannie” from a female genie that lived in a lamp and belonged to an Amican guy. She did all the housework perfectly by the blink of her eyes. Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

Daily Prompt: Conjure

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Conjure

  1. Now THIS is where a small dog might be useful. I can’t reach down a lot of the time, but I can call my clean up crew and they will eat it. Yesterday, I took a plastic tray out of the refrigerator and it wasn’t closed, so a couple of dozen crackers fell on the floor. I called “DOGS!” and the three of them appears, jaws at the ready. Just as well because if I yelled “Garry,” he wouldn’t hear me.

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    • I have a friend, she had polio as a girl, and has spent her life mostly in a wheelchair since. She is very adventurous, has travelled a lot, even to Russia by plane with her wheelchair and has also had photo exhibitions. She now has a special trained dog to help invalides and a wonderful dog. She had to spend two weeks in the place where they have the dogs so that they would get used to each other. The dog helps her a lot with her problems at home. She has to give it instructions in french, because they are trained in the french speaking part of Switzerland.


  2. Service dogs are amazing, the things that they can be trained to do. I do agree about the housework I’d rather blink like Jeannie or twitch like Samantha than pay someone to clean for me and feel bad about having a dirty house.

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    • I always had my regular routine with cleaning. I also have a modern build of the home, so it is not an eternal battle against dirt,. It is the batroom, shower room and kitchen that is a problem. And thank goodness I now have someone once a week to take care of it. Mr. Swiss always told me I overdid it sometimes, but even he has now realised that it was not done by Jeanie magic.

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      • I recently had some cleaners in to clean my windows and grout on the bathroom floor before the house went on the market. I did not really enjoy the experience as it made me feel bad about my cleaning skills.

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