Good Morning

Great Tit

Its one of those dreary Sundays with a grey sky and nothing much happening. Now and again a bird flutters by and sits in the bush opposite where I am sitting. It is quite cold, so they are happy for someting to peck at hanging on the branches. Mr. Swiss says it is a full time job to keep the birds happy. He is constantly filling the bird house with food and replenishing the hanging food parels in the trees,

One of the local magpies also called in to see if there was anything going, but did not stay long and now it is snowing. Big flakes are falling, but I do not think it will last very long.

Today being Sunday there is not very much excitement in the Angloswiss household. I will now begin to prepare lunch. Mr. Swiss said he is glad I am managing to cook. With a broken leg. However, I can stand in the kitchen and get the food done. I don’t know myself how I manage it. Yesterday lunch was a cooked chicken. I had to skin the chicken and prepare the mixed veg. Once it was cooking in the pan with all the spices and juice, I could forget it for an hour. Yesterday evening was a little more complicated as it was chilli con carne, but with a little help from the kitchen boy (Mr. Swiss), I also managed that one.

Lunch today will be a veal stew. If I prepare it now in the pan it can cook slowly until lunch time. As I have no cleaning I can do, I will have enough time. I wonder how my men managed whilst I was in hospital. Mr. Swiss said it was OK, but more short cuts with ready stuff from the supermarket than actual cooking. He even made an “instant” Rösti which you can buy here in pakets, with the potato already in the shredded version, so all you have to do is fry it.

Mr. Swiss did a wonderful job of ironing the bed linen yesterday and now has only one sheet. I might be able to manage that one myself. I can lower the ironing board and sit on a chair, but I am thinking about it. Mr. Swiss says no, it would be too much for me.

I am also getting lazy and apart from blogging I have not done very much else. Today I want to take a few photos with a real camera and not my mobile phone. I have really neglected my photography, but can only take photos from the window of the appartment.

Today it is two weeks since I had my spectacular accident, resulting in the broken leg. Mapping up the progress made since, I can now get into bed without pain. I probably hobble a little faster and I have perfectioned my abilities on my walker, but practice makes perfect.

I hope you all have a good Sunday, I will be back.

Baselstrasse 27.01 (21)

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

      • I know. The upside is everything that comes back has heightened significance because you couldn’t do it for a while. Recovering from my first hip surgery turned out to be a very important experience because of that. I realized I had taken a lot of really good stuff for granted. 🙂 ❤

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          • Three months is about right. But the good part is it is a constant improvement. That probably doesn’t sound all that great right now, but it is, really. By summer, by time to garden and organize your front and back gardens, you’ll be fine and it will feel SO GOOD not to have scaffolding on your apartment building OR on you! 😉 And the walker? For a person with MS that’s a pretty handy device.

            As for me, I’m hoping to have surgery in time to be able to visit CH in fall — I have never been there in fall. We’ll see how that goes. As I haven’t even found a doctor yet it might be a pipe dream. I’m going to see the guy I think might be “the one” on March 1.

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          • I was also thinking the walker will be quite handy at home. I can deposit stuff on iit for moving it from place to place. We get some good Autumns in Switzerland and many are quite warm. Gardening is no longer something I can do so much, but we have a gardener and my no. 1 son

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  1. It’s dark and rainy here. It’s so dark, I had to turn out lights inside. It has been raining since last night and everything is a sea of mud. The only colors are grey and brown. It is my least favorite time of year and I don’t want to go ANYWHERE. I’m glad you are making progress. At least you are stuck inside during really icky weather. Better now than in the lovely warm weather, right?

    I love that last picture. What a lovely town!

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    • The only thing breaking the monotony here is the birds. I don’t have any interest in going places and doing things, I am even watching TV.
      The photo is the top part of our village including the church. We live in the lower half


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