Good Morning


A photo of the back garden with the sparrows perched on the branches waiting for something to happen. The crows have been and gone and now the food landscape is ready for the sparrows. We had the normal snow layer in the early morning, but no big deal and it will melt soon.

I have had my breakfast, two slices of bread and jam, a cup of tea and a variation of three tablets. One is my usual diabetes tablet and the other two something to heal my broken leg, although nothing spectacular. If you shake me I will rattle with my tablets four times daily. I tried cutting down on them as I am not a lover of tablets, and asked the doc yesterday. She gave me a new supply and said I was not ready for cold turkey yet and the tablets also have their healing values.

Mr. Swiss was hovering around wanting to help me to prepare my breakfast with cutting bread etc. but I said no hurry. I have now learned to go at a snail pace. I am not going anywhere so why rush. I spend my time in the morning eating and bird watching from the window. Mr. Swiss got the week-end shopping yesterday and I must say he really has everything under control, but we both have 49 years of married life behind us, so practice makes perfect.

I was going to read yesterday evening, but was too tired, so watched the TV. I noticed after many months of no longer watching the TV that there is nothing new to see. It was all repeats of varioius police series on the German TV and Mr. Swiss patiently waited for me to finish watching so that he could switch back to the Swiss TV for his favourite politi-cal discussion programme. Yesterday we received a new batch of post containing our voting documents. Yes, Switzerland is voting again. This time it is all to do with Billag. I have enclosed a link and I must say this time it is a little over my head. It is all to do with TV funding and advertising. All I can say is if you are intrested then read the link. It is quite a heated discussion in Switzerland and has occupied our news for some time.

I am not sleeping very well at the moment as permanently laying on my back because of my broken leg is not a good position in bed. Visiting that place that most of us visit some time in the night has become an ordeal. What used to take a couple of minutes is now a major excursion. First of all I have to sit on the edge of the bed and put my slippers on which I manage with an elongated shoehorn. Then I gather my phone for some light on the way, pull myself up, grip my walker and make my way. Once I am in the bathroom I can put on the light. The return journey is not so complicated and my leg no longer hurts so much when I rejoin my bed. What a life.

And now to move on with my walker. Have a good start to the week-end everyone.

Back Garden in snow

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I had a look at those links and I see you will have to pay for licences even for computer/tablet/cell phone links! I think if they tried to do that here there would be riots. We do not have radio licences anymore either.

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  2. I have to sleep on my back about half the time too because my hips are so sore. We have an electric bed which helps, but it is still not a natural position for me. I want desperately to curl up on my side. I don’t know if you have considered it, but an electric bed is a really significant help and you can get one that will adjust independently for each of you. It has been a huge help to both of us over the years. I can’t even imagine living without it.

    You’ve got about as much snow as we have right now. We didn’t get our big snow. instead, we got a few inches, then the rain started. Now, we have ice and the roads are as slick as glass. Guess who ISN’T going anywhere?

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    • Mr. Swiss and I both have automatic beds, not electric but pneumatic. We can alter the back and the legs, which is very good. I have problems at the moment with laying on the left side because of my leg, and have some pain. The medicine helps but not until the morning. I usually sleep on my side, but at the moment it is not possible.


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