Daily Prompt: Insist


This is my favourite place for writing, my computer place. I have shelves in front where my computer lives when not being used and I have light coming from the left which suits me. There was one small problem: the chair. The chair served its purpose for many years and there was never really a big problem. It has wheels and I could roll around on the chair for this and that. There was always a  of a risk knowing when and how it would roll. However when you have everything under control nothing could possibly happen. If you happen to break a leg and feel unsteady then unknown events can occur.

So I arrived home from the hospital, not exactly pain free, but I could again sit on my chair and blog. There was a problem if I left the chair it tended to roll away. At the beginning I had everything under control, but when your left leg is no longer as stable as it should be and the chair rolls away, then you cannot stop it and there is the danger of falling. I discovered this on my third day at home, when I arrived on the floor. I was very lucky as I did it gracefully and sort of rolled onto the floor as the chair slipped away. I called my rescuer and Mr. Swiss and I spent half an hour trying to get me onto my feet again. This chair was now out of bounds, which meant my favourite writing place was also out of bounds.

I tried to write in the kitchen, but the chair was somehow too low and even with a cushion, uncomfortable. I tried in the living room at the dining table. The chairs were better, but I was cramped for space. I had a Mr. Swiss following me around carrying computers until I decided where to sit and write. Today I had a bright idea. The silly chair that rolls with a mind of its own has now been banned to the cellar, and will one day depart. We had 5 chairs around the dining table. This table is more for show and only really used now and again or if we have invited guests for dinner, which we rarely have. We now have four chairs around this table and I am now sitting on the fifth at my desk. It is a good chair, in firm leather and does not roll and I feel comfortable again in my usual place. I am back home again. It was more a sensible choice than insisting. Someone is now ironing in this room and insists on switching the light on. I do not need light as I am sitting next to the window. After a short dicussion we eventually insisted on not insisting.

Life goes on as normal.


Daily Prompt: Insist

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Insist

  1. My computer is on a desk in my daughter’s old bedroom with light coming from a window on the right. But I have a rolling chair. Not the best thing, after reading this post. Precautions will be taken.

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    • I never had a big problem with the chair, but Inzision made of synthetic material and I have a cushion on it which tends to slip. There is also a problem when instand to,hold my walker. Now I am firmly implanted and wheelless


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