Good Morning


I did it, I managed to leave my bed after thinking about it. It is not so easy when your left leg is taking a holiday and is not sure how to do it. Sometimes I can do it on my own and sometimes I need a strong helping hand.

Carnival 25.01 (3)

At approximately 5.00 a.m. I heard the sound of a trumpet and rassle from the road that leads to our town of Solothurn. I then remembered today is the first day of our local Fasnacht which is the name for it in Switzerland. It is carnival time.  There are various customs attached to it. On the  Thursday morning those that partake dress in a long white nightshirt with a red scarf around their neck. They collect aanything that makes a noise. It might be a proffessional rattle or drum, or it could be a few metal implements from the kitchen that you can bang along with. As long as it starts with noise everything is well. A procession forms in town and the noise begins for an hour. We call it Chesslete and there is an Oberchessler that leads the group around town. It is all very organised. After the fun the people disperse to various restaurants for a Flour Soup and cheese cakes, another tradition. Flour Soup is brown, medium thick with salt and pepper.

Around 8.00 a.m. this part is finished. Some remain in town and carry on with the merriment, others go to work. I remember the days some of my colleagues would arrive in the office still dressed in their nightshirts.  The whole thing carries on until next week on Wednesday with various traditions. Each Fasnacht town does its own thing. Luzern also have their tradition at the same time as ours, and mostly steal the limelight from Solothurn. There will be a procession of groups dressed up according to a theme and in the evening the restaurants are full. Some people even take a week’s holiday as when  you turn night into day, work does not go so well.

I was never  fan of this carnival thing: too much stress and I am not the type to force a smile and be merry when I am not in the mood.

Talking of processions I heard that Trump again had a dream and will be having a big one in the States showing all his newest toys known as weapons. This will be quite an expensive undertaking and a study in logistics. Who will pay for it I am not sure, but am sure it will not be Trimp. Although these military processions are quite a thing. I remember one in our local town once, some sort of war anniversary. We had centurion tanks moving passed our window and they are big. Also a little disconcertaing when you see how it could be if war would break out. The houses shook and the noise was deafening as the tanks moved along the road.

Armoury, Solothurn

Although Switzerland is a neutral country, we still have our defence system. There are mountains which are hollow, full of chambers storing various tanks, guns and other weapons. Every able bodied man is a soldier with his rifle in the cupboard or under the bed at home. My No. 2 son was one of these a few years ago, that is why I sort of know how it works. He also had a sealed paket of ammunition and when the enemy arrives permission is given to open the ammunition and have it ready for action. OK, it sounds good, but I suppose we all have to be prepared for something. The photo is not modern day Swiss weaponry, but from our local arsenal musem from the good old days.

And now to move on. At the moment I am living a life of leisure with my injured leg and Mr. Swiss is putting new linen on the beds. He will be going into town afterwards, but just for some exercise. The fridge is full, ready and waiting.

Have a nice one, see you later.

Baselstrasse 27.01 (5)

20 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Disconcerting is it exactly. I know defense is supposed to make us feel safer; but I think I would feel safer if we did not have such crazy people handling them.


        • Many of us ask how so many of our own can vote for these people; and who and where are they? No one seems to know how some of our Presidential candidates can be as popular as they are when we know of only a few people who actually like them.

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          • Sadly, that is what many people think. We can not help but wonder if that is what the majority of America is all about. Sometimes, I think that if our president is getting involved with everyone else’s business, then everyone else should be able to vote in our elections.
            (Many years ago, when President Fox was campaigning for the presidency of Mexico, and wanted to be seen by as many Mexican as possible, he came to San Jose! I still think that is funny is a weird sort of way.)


          • Trump thinks that countries are business corporations. You can fire and hire as you please and if profits are made then so much better. The values of people are reduced to a minor factor

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  2. Ssssht, you shouldn’t tell the world of how we hide our weapons 🙂
    The guy with the little hair will want to have one too, you’ll see – he was at the ‘Quatorze Juillet’ party last year and now must have his own Parade. There is nothing to instil some sense in this person…..
    I too don’t like Fasnacht at all – but I knew quite a number of fans who’d always take a week’s holidays to celebrate …. Chacun à son goût!

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    • Yes true. Switzerland should really keep their weapons secret.Although now and again we get a few jets flying over to show what we have. I was once stopped by a Pinzgauer driver and his colleague when they asked where the next Beiz was, as far up from the main road as possible. I think they were not taking their orders as seriously as they should and didn’t want to be seen.
      I also dislike Fasnacht, although more the people that join in. They so get on my nerves with their “Gel du kennscht mi nöt” or whatever. The Fasnacht is big in Solothurn.

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  3. I think he wants a military parade because the guy in North Korea had one. I’m wondering what he’s going to wear. Lots of gold braid you think? Fancy hat for sure.

    Does your leg fall asleep or just go numb? My arms and legs go to sleep and take awhile for me to convince them to wake up. It used to just be my legs, but now, my arms go to sleep and take a long time to wake up.

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    • There was a guy that loved wearing all sorts of fancy uniforms in the Second World War.

      My legs don’t go to sleep, but if I touch them it is as if I have a second skin covering them.i have to be careful when sleeping that my arm doesn’t get into a bad position as it could fall asleep if I lye on it


  4. An interesting local custom although it seems an odd time to be holding a parade before people are up to watch it. As for that other parade that Trump proposes it is somewhere between disgusting and stupid.

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    • Our carnival is a century long tradition, especially the „chesslete“ somearly in the morning. You do not really watch it, but take part. Even parents take their small children, they love it. Trump is an idiot and seems to live in his own juvenile world.

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