Daily Prompt: Tending to Everything


Life is not the same when you cannot do what you usually do. I am hobbling around with a broken leg/femur waiting for the day when everything will get better. Everyone tells me it it will eventually. I now resemble my plants, hanging on and waiting for the big revival.

It is all the odds and ends I always dealt with. Everywhere I go I leave a trial. Thie morning I cooked lunch, Mr. Swiss was out doing some shopping. I dropped a garlic clove on the floor and had to think about it before I actually managed to pick it up again, because the floor is at the edge of my operating field. The next thing to fall were some onion skins and a paper handkerchief was floating in a downwards movment. I felt helpless I could not stop it. Mr. Swiss arrived home and cleared up the remains.

In the meanwhile, my plants: nothing special in January. The amaryllis flowers were no more, their leaves beginning to take over. I should also give the orchids some water. It is amazing how a small interruption into daily life alters everything. It is usually just part of my life, but now it has to be organised. Mr. Swiss is not really an indoor gardener, he just likes a bit of green in the apartment and so I now have to give him instructions of what to water and when and how.


I have plants which are putting a brave face on it, as I am with my movement problems. The Christmas cactus even produced a few flowers and is expanding. No signs of death by drought up to now. Even the last year’s poinsettia is growing, reaching for new heights. And I look on and hope for survival.

You begin to rethink your situation. Are these things so important? The table top with a nice neat display, the plants with their organised good looks. After a midday sleep making the bed up again so that it is neat and tidy, and the bathroom with marks on the side of the bowl that you usually clean away as soon as they appear.  Eventually you don’t see these things any more, because important is how you feel and whether life is getting better.

Or as Gilbert Becaud says L’important c’est la rose (The rose is important).

Daily Prompt: Tending to Everything

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tending to Everything

    • Thanks for the hint, but Mr. Swiss just said I have him, and my oldest son. It is no big deal at the moment, it is more the fact that things now happen that never used to because I am not able to reach the floor very comfortably. I need something to help me put on my left shoe, that would be useful, although even there I have developed my own system.

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  1. This probably calls for a longer letter than a comment, but for now …

    Your broken leg will heal, but your MS won’t, or at least, not entirely. So regardless you are going to need to figure out what is really important, what is less important … and finally, what is NOT important. This sounds simple when someone else talks about it. Not so simple.

    I reduced the number of plants by about half. Not fewer plants, but smaller ones that need less care. The huge one went to my son who has room for it and the remaining ones are easier. I can’t clean as I did. It’s not a choice any more. I can’t do it. I still do the kitchen floor … for some reason mopping doesn’t bother me as much as other things — bending, for one — but nobody dusts properly. Vacuuming is pretty easy, but with the dogs, i often wonder if it’s really accomplishing much. It looks better afterwards so that must mean something.

    I have bought some wonderful stuff for the bathroom where we just spray it on and leave it and the next person in sprays it off … and all is well. What a great cleaning item! I make dinner. Usually, I clean up unless Garry feels up to it … and he is feeling HIS years, too.

    We do the best we can given our ages and physical conditions. What we can’t do won’t be done. Of more concern are the things the house needs that we can’t do. Things we never could do at any point in our lives — and for which there simply isn’t enough money to pay someone to take care of. That stuff keeps me up at night.

    If you can get help in the house, I think your world will be happier. I would have help if I could. I bet if you were to run a survey, most women would have help if they could.

    We have to live the lives we are given. The futility of trying to make chronic ailments go away or trying to pretend they aren’t there — well — that no longer works for me. I know I was much better at ignoring stuff when I was younger.

    I think you’ll be much better pretty soon. I’m counting on it. And NOT having to clean all the time — or having Mr. Swiss do it — will improve BOTH your lives.

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    • My life before the leg break was really well organised. I had a Swiss cleaning system called Hara with all the accessories. I hate cleaning with a bowl full of soapy water and Hara just needs two drops in the water, a wipe over with the Hara glove and let it dry, no stains or anything. It is perfect, but not perfect when you are hopping around. I am hoping when this broken leg thing is over I can return to my daily routine. We are organising a cleaning lady for the bathroom and shower, perhaps the kitchen as well, and that is the main problem. Everything else can be managed. Surprisingly I can still manage to cook, although Marcel clears up afterwards as that is too much. Marcel is the great duster. Mopping and hoovering never bothered me. I also have a great mopping system: 10 mop heads and every day a fresh one. I can wash them once a week. I only use plain hot water on the tiled floors, because I do it regularly. It is all it needs, but now Marcel has taken over that part. My MS will never heal, but I hope to be able to keep it in check with my injections. At the moment I have problems with a numbness in my right hand. This is since the leg operation and has slowly crept up on me. I will ask the doc about that tomorrow when she takes the stitches out. My list of important stuff is being re-organised. Important at the moment is that I can sleep painfree. I discovered I must take my tablets and they really do help. Marcel also has his back problems and so we are both organising how to do it best. At the moment it is not so much the cleaning, but the bits and pieces that are usually cleared away but remain where they arrive.


  2. I broke my ankle, leg and they thought hip rquiring 3 1/2 hours surgery. It was a rough time. Nothing I think compared to today when if it falls on the floor, it stays on the floor, until someone else pops around and I can ask them to pick it up for me. I’m unable to put socks on my feet or clip my toenails. For someone who was as a girlfriend called me, “houseproud” I liked everything neat and clear, not perfect mind, it’s a nightmare. I found a wonderful foot long mop that worked for cleaning the tub. It got lost in the move now I have to wait on someone else to do that job. “Getting old” isn’t for everyone. If only someone had told me…I’d have prepared better. argh. Hope your recovery is speedy. In the meantime relax as much as you can. milk it like Marilyn and Garry’s dogs. It seems to work, snicker snicker and my cats.

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  3. It certainly is life changing when these things happen. My cleaning had always been organised for not bending. I am quite tall and all my Mops are long enough. I also have a brush and pan that I can use standing. At the moment I am still a bit unsteady on my feet so everything is slow motion, but I am getting there. The accident was now almost 2 weeks ago. Cutting toe nails will be another problem to overcome. I try not to think of it too much and try to cross the bridges when they arrive.


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