Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

Cow 27.09.2017

I am not showing photos of wonderful pastures filled with cows, meadows with every sort of wild flower you can think of, not to mention the local river with its population of swans and ducks. And let us not forget the local stables with it horse population.

I live in the country after growing up in the slums of London, where the scent of wet brick dustย  was permanently in the air. I now live where the cows and hedgehogs say goodnight to each other.

My neighbours are from nature, they run free in pastures. Now and again they leave a trace to show I have been here and done it, but who cares. Even that belongs to life in the country: and the flies?. They build their villages in what the cows left behind, all part of nature’s cicle of life.

Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

16 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

    • I grew up in London and saw my first wheat field at the age of 10. now I an so glad to live in a small farming village with nature in its true beauty, eiven the cow pies.


  1. That reminded me of what a certain politician said recently about other places. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wasn’t he there recently? Did he leave that as a token? ๐Ÿ™‚

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