Good Morning

Morning in the kitchen

Morning has broken once again and I am ready to go, lonly my leg is complaining and says take it easy, we are not going to win the olympics this year. My breakfast table is set. It used to be so easy preparing everything. Now I have to balance with my walker next to me until I have got everything prepared with Mr. Swiss lurking in the background ready to help. I do try to do it all myself to get back to the routine. I will be glad when I can take a few alternative photos, but I am back to square one with my balancing act composed of a camera and me with my walker. I managed to spread my slices of bread with jam, the tea is ready and my computer is now up and running as normal.

The fluke I had with an unrecognised hard disk seems to have disappeared, I hope. My mouse installation is also functioning again, thanks to Mr. Swiss, and so I am ready for the daily computer workout to keep my keyboard fingers in action.

Yesterday I at last had an uninterrupted run-through and managed to get some bits and pieces done on the computer.

However life is not only computer of course, but when you are tied to a chair and walker, there is not much scope for other action in life. It is strange how you have a routine day after day, at least golden oldies do, and suddenly everything is completely different. I am now the spectator watching the others. Mr. Swiss does the daily run with the vaccum cleaner, which he always did and afterwards the stuff that I used to do. He now goes on the shopping trips on his own after we compose the list of stuff to be bought.

I even miss all the assistants in the store. After being a customer for many years you get to know each other and share your problems and a little bit of your life. There is always a small conversation when buying the goods. The daily things in life that you realise how much you treasure when they are no longer part of the day. Of course we might meet people we know also on the shopping trip. My dreary daily life is no longer so dreary and I wish I had it back.

I might risk taking a photo of my snowdrops in the garden today, although even standing up and walking around is a risk at the moment. I am not used to a life of doing nothing.

But now on with life. I am now off to the bathroom in slow motion and afterwards there will be another communal cooking session with the Angloswiss golden oldies. Today it will be pasta, a Kalbsbratwurst and some sort of vegetable.

Have a nice day everyone, I will be back.

Road to Langendorf

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a lovely photo, Pat. Yes, adjusting to a change in routine like this is hard- I remember with my elbow watching my husband make the bed and saying I looked forward to the day I would be able to do it once again- the most mundane of chores suddenly become wished for. Each day that passed I would tell myself I was one day closer to recovery- and fortunately the sun rises and sets, and the days go. Your photos from your new vantage point and perspective have beauty- we get to see your world from a different vantage point. Hope your day has gone well today-here I am on my morning coffee.


  2. This is why I don’t want hip surgery. I don’t want to go through this part and I don’t think Dusty will vacuum for me. It’s just necessary to remember it’s a temporary thing. It’s truly “This, too, shall pass.” It will. Every day it’s closer to being over. ❤

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      • I think it’s really hard to have our routine upended. Part of our sense of competence in life is tied to what we’re able to to. I was shoveling the snow on my front walk yesterday, no problem, and my neighbors — whom I love — came running over to help me because of my hip. I was grateful, but at the same time, I don’t need to feel even less able than I already am. AND it’s important for me to stay strong so recovery is easier down the road.

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  3. YES, it is! All of it….
    While it looks very spring-y chez vous, here winter has broken with a vengance I never knew since our arrival 10 years ago. It has been snowing steadily and this morning we 20cm of snow, a ‘jamais vu’ in this area and for us a ‘chance’ to get out for an hour to shake all the branches of our trees and shrubs or tapping them gently with a broom to bring the huge amounts of snow down. Many of our camellias, rhododendron, one magnolia and smaller pine trees were literally flattened at the ground – I have no idea if they can lift their gear up again, ever – the already blooming camellias and the 4cm long magnolia buds covered with snow and ice…. a beautiful but sad sight!

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    • Your plants will survive, I am sure. I have seen it happen here and they lift their heads a couple of days later. It is only danger when the fruit trees are flowering as the flowers fall off and there will be no fruit. We had a light snowfall this morning, but nothing worth a mention.


  4. After the heart surgery, I stopped going regularly to the grocery. I do go sometimes, especially if I want something very specific for cooking, but mostly, Garry goes after — yes — we make the list. I had to give up a lot at that point. And gradually, I have learned what I can do and what I really can’t, even though it seems so simple … until I try. It’s frustrating, I know and I share your pain. But gee whiz, that was some nasty fall and you are back home and it looks like you’ll be alright. That’s a big deal and I’m so relieved you’ll be okay. I was seriously worried for you!

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    • Luckily Marcel still drives the car and we can go shopping together, although he now goes alone of course. Going shopping was a nice break now and again. It really was a bad fall and when I saw the x-rays of the final results I could hardly believe it was my will be a long healing process, but I will get there eventually. I was glad that You got into contact with Marcel so that he could explain what happened and the lovely shout out you did for me in WordPress


  5. I am sorry I did not wait up. I try to get all the sleep I can nowadays because I can only sleep for a few hours between midnight and 6:30 or so. (It is a long story.) I will be up for a few more hours, so maybe I will catch you in your morning.

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