Good Morning

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And another day dawns somewhere in the foothills of Switzerland. No fresh photos at the moment. I do not have a camera attachment on my walker and I am not going places.

I spent the night on a discovery excursion in bed, trying to find the best position with a broken leg. I found it but realised it was not working, so I tried another. Eventually I managed to fall asleep and when I awoke I changed my position again. It is my left knee that hurts so much at the back of the knee. More by luck than judgement, I discovered if I put the back of the knee on a raised object, like a cloth, it relieves the pain.  Somehow I survived the night.

Yesterday I had a small catastrophe with me computer. No, it was a big catastrophe. Since having one leg only attached to my body by wire and steel, I am changing my computer domiciles contantly. Yesterday I moved to the kitchen, the microsoft computer came with me and when I wanted to work it was blocked. No problem, but then I got a strange window telling me that my computer was not longer there, it could not be found. A quick look in Internet and I got the report that it was a hard disk problem, meaning I could throw my computer away. The computer could not find me.  I asked what more could possibly happen. I tried three or four times and suddenly it was there again and still is. The next problem was that my wifi mouse was not available. Another googling session and I got instructions. I discovered that my wifi mouse was there, but not for me.

Computer Mouse

Mr. Swiss and I tried everything and eventually discovered that a nostalgic version of the mouse with a cable connection worked and I am still using it. Perhaps it is the wifi connection to my mouse that is kaput. The mouse exists according to the software, but the mouse has lost its connection to the computer. This all happened yesterday evening and I was really looking forward to a bit of catch up blogging after being away for a week. Eventually I was too tired and now I am back this morning with everything functioning.

Mr. Swiss and I are now on the search for a cleaning lady.  Mr. Swiss wanted one some time ago, but as long as I was still able, I decided to wait. My family never belonged to those that had strangers cleaning for them, but the time has now really come to think it over. It never bothered me to have my little daily routine, although I must admit bathroom and shower cleaning were never my favourites: too many tiles and surfaces. It is easy to find a company to do it by googling, there are enough if them in our area. I would rather just know someone that would be interested. My No. 2 son always had a lady once a week when he was single. I can no longer do the big jobs and neither can Mr. Swiss. Hoovering is no big problem, it is the real wet jobs that are the problem.

And now to move on. I have a broken leg to care for and organise my life  with my walker, Kindle and computer.

Have a nice day everyone and take care. There are dangers lurking by every footstep I discovered a week ago.

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18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Strangers working in the home will take some getting used to, but this might be a good time to get used to it.
    Good morning. 18 minutes into it.
    It is time for me to retire. I need to go to work in the morning.

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  2. Rightyhoooo – it’s time for a cleaner, get one and be happy…. If you can get one that is! I’m the BIG exception here in France – it seems that everybody has a cleaner but me. I too think I should do it as long as I can but I would honestly be happy to pass that job on – it’s just that it’s money I haven’t got (but I have a big house and an even bigger garden, some wrong thinking must have gone on at some time) AND the idea that I might be sitting doing nothing but read or work a bit on the computer or going for a walk while some person is doing my housework that doesn’t go with the Swiss Thinking…. Or whatever! Have a good day

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    • Many Swiss have a cleaner. At the moment my physical shape permits no housework. It is not the daily hovering where we need someone but the special rooms. Both of us are not getting younger


      • It is a growing industry here in the States. I hate to tell of some of the actions of some caregivers. Now we have a good one in the mornings. I know there are things you need the help with. Good luck with finding one that actually help.

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  3. First, I hope you have backups of your computer. Otherwise, it sounds like you need a new one and pronto. Too many problems and if the hard drive is dying, nothing you do will fix it. It is a hardware problem, not software. I’ve lost hard drives. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens and there’s no way to stop it. It usually happens within the first two years of a new computer and probably was a built-in flaw.

    You need a cleaning lady. Hell, I need one too, but can’t afford it. But you DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY need help and you should get it before things get out of hand.

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    • The computer is behaving again. I have an Apple computer as well and my photos are all on two external hard drives. The mouse is now working again, it was the USB mouse sender. I was always cleaning at home as I preferred keeping things up than waiting until it got out of hand. I have a very good cleaning system and the appaerment is well organised. Mr. Swiss has it all under control but we just need help with the wet cells.


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