Good Morning


For the want of something better, let us begin with a morning photo. I was hugging the bed this morning so dawn broke some time ago. My photos are a bit long distance at the moment, as I am still hobbling around with ny walker and do not trust myself to go into the big wide world first thing in the morning, so I took the photo from the open kitchen window.

I am not a very philosophical person, although those that are, can be very good at it. I am registered in a place called “Brainy Quotes” and get a quote of the day every morning. Today it was “Forgive your Enemies” (don’t we all) “but never forget their names”. Yes John F. Kennedy did have a few good ideas.

In the meanwhile I am making progress with my broken femur (top part of the leg). I can now move in bed to the right and left. I have been permanently sleeping on my back since my accident, so there is an improvement. The next big breakthrough will be standing in the bath and having a shower, which is a problem, because I cannot get into the bath, being too high. However, tomorrow a special chair will be delivered which I can sit on in the bath or shower which I hope will work. Getting into the shower is no big problem.

Computer TV in Solothurn Hospital
We were even computerised in the hospital. Each bed had its own terminal with various programmes. You could hear the radio or watch the TV, although I never really bothered. You could also use it as a telephone, although today most of the hospital patients arrive with their own mobile phone which makes that almost superfluous. I must also utter praise for the food in our hospital. The first two days I was on a diet as my digestive system was on strike, but as soon as my system was working again I made the most of it. Breakfast was the usual slice of bread and butter (margarine) and jam.

A lady appeared every morning to discuss the daily menu. We got soup, main course and a dessert. If there was something you did not like there was always an alternative and you could have a normal portion or smaller. I stuck with the half portions, but they were big enough.

They drove me away from my bed in hospital, because apparently I was not moving enough. For once in my life I did not have to do anything or go anywhere, so I decided after bringing up 4 kids and all the extras, I would now make the most of my hospital bed. The beds were fully automatic and very comfortable, but no. I had to sit in a chair or got for a walk with my new walking toys. Eventually I unpacked my Kindle and finished my book. Mr. Mercedes Part 1, by Stefan King. Something completely different for King: plenty of strage mad happenings, but no supernatural. It was a good book and now I have discovered there is also a part 2 and 3, which are on my list for later reading.

I will now move on although Mr. Swiss has everything under control. See you around as I have nothing better to do at the moment than read or play with my computer. Have fun and be careful of falling, it is a long journey until you reach the ground and something might break when you arrive – believe me I went there and did it a week ago.

Oh I almost forgot, today is my 49th Wedding Anniversary. Yes we have been together for 49 years. It snowed on the day we got married I remember. It was quick and painless in the local registry office, just us two and two witnesses, but I got Mr. Swiss and a Swiss passport. I still have both of them. I have to renew the passport now and again, but I have kept Mr. Swiss. He does not have an expiry date.


41 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and another 3 weeks in rehab. It is terrible to wake up in the ICU and not being able to do anything. I had to learn the basics all over. I don’t have MS but my age is a factor. The caregivers were a problem, hopefully that is okay right no. It is slow going but it will come. The day I was a la to use a cane and let go of the walker was a milestone. I just passed another. I can now go done the steps. We are on the 3rd floor. Now I know I can get out in case of an emergency like a fire. I wish a speedy recovery.

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    • I was walking again from day one, but I feel so insecure, worrying I could fall again. Naturally on the day I came home our lift where I live broke. We live ground level, but the garage is below, so I had to walk a long path with the walker to get home.

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      • I think those around are more that I will call again than I am. I know it can’t happen any time but it probably won’t. I am more determined not fall again. I won’t take chances. The rest is out My hands let it be what it well be. I am still depended on others and you can’t trust that they will do what they say!. My husband’s health is acting up. This month the doctors will be relaxing a heart value. getting old is not easy.

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  2. Happy Anniversary. At least you’re home. We had to spend our 40th wedding anniversary in the hospital because my husband needed surgery. He was grumpy and I was feeling sorry for myself. He’s made it up to me the following two years but that year was tough on numerous levels.

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    • There are always moments in life when everything comes together. Last week was one. I was an emergency in hospital, Mr. Swiss had an important dental appointment, our cat had to go to the vet etc. etc. It was really stress, especially for Mr. Swiss. but today a normal quite sunday afternoon listening to some music on the radio and writing on my computer. I hope things are now going well at your end.

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    • Well we managed it, time goes so fast. The annoyance is that we were so much younger and activer when we married and today two golden oldies that look forward to the monthly old age pension.

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  3. You are getting the treatment you thoroughly deserve! You’ve been taking care of everyone for your entire life and now, it’s time for them to take care of you … including Mr. Swiss and even (gasp) DINNER. You need to heal and you also need the rest and you have most thoroughly earned every minute of it.

    I shoot a LOT of pictures from the back door by the kitchen and the front door. For this they invented long lenses!

    I was delighted to see you in my morning list. Thrilled, even. So good to have you back! My entire life got better because you are in it.

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    • I am glad to be back Marilyn and was so touched by the blog you made explaining my abscence. At the moment my photos are restricted from the back door. Actually it is working well at home. I can still hobble around in the kitchen and Mr. Swiss helps me a lot to handle stuff. Also I have my No. 1 son who is always ready to bring and fetch. It is almost fun cooking together.
      It was a nice peaceful week-end and next week there does not seem to be any stress situations, although you never know. At the moment we are on the search for a cleaning lady for a weekly clean of the bathroom and shower as that is now finished with me. All the other stuff is vacuum cleaner and mop which is no great problem and when I am in action again I can do it myself. I just no longer have the energy for the “wet cells”.


  4. Congratulations on 49 years! You really didn’t need to break a femur to get the happy anniversary attention, though! Be sure to do what the doctor says and heal quickly so you can be out and about again!

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    • I am always good for surprises, but now it seems every day has a silver lining when I can do a little more as the day before. I really miss my photo expeditions.


  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. AngoSwiss. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hoping you are mending quickly (well quickly as can be expected.

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  6. Happy anniversary! I can’t let you out of my sight …. and next time I visit you have a broken femur…. Sorry to have been unavailable and that I couldn’t hold your hand and prevent a fall 😉
    I do hope you’re healing fast and well and that you will soon be able to go out for your beloved photo-tours. Be good and to both of you best wishes for your 49 yrs! Next year it’s the Big Golden…

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    • A week ago I was being operated and today I am at home. Accidents happen unfortunately. I did imagine celebrating my anniversary a little differently. At the moment my photo tours take place in my appartment.

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