Daily Prompt: Cloud Creatures Everywhere


Varies what sort of creatures: some lurk in the background waiting to surprise you, some are just hanging around. I have been a week away from my computer world. OK, no big deal, they survived. My Acer decided take a battery rest, but after half an hour it was up to 100% again. Apple never dies, it just hovers and waits. I have now returned so what do we have?

When I switched on my Acer I had a small colourful window in the middle of the screen inviting me to join their new, spectacular and dynamic cloud to store all my computer secrets. It is really not so astonishing that I no longer get such wonderful colourful sunrises, there is no more room for the clouds. All my data is occupying the space. One day it will no longer rain down on me with water, but I will have to be careful that I do not get hit by 30,000 photos and 2 tons of e-mail. I love clouds, take photos daily, but only the ones that rain down on me. Windows/microsoft or whatever, so why do I also have to have an Acer cloud. The result is that when start my Acer up, at least three times a day, I get the reminder to indulge in the new cloud event. Another new annoying obstacle to combat.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss tells me that the IOS Operating system have yet another new update. I remember when No. 1 arrived a couple of months ago and now we have already No. 11 or something like that. I have just spent the last half hour updating two iPads and an iPhone and now I am ready to go.

I can now use Siri. I have never used Siri. I can talk to Mr. Swiss if I have a need for conversation, I do not talk to computers. They do not speak Swiss German. And now I must go. The clouds are alive with the sound of music and the birds outside are getting confused, thanks to the newest iTunes update. We once lived in fear that Big Brother was watching us, but now the clouds are watching, and not the nice fluffy cumulus, but the softwareus, the ones that infiltrate our lives. Beware, never accept an invitation to join a cloud, they will absorb you, Death  by cloud suffocation.

Daily Prompt: Cloud Creatures Everywhere

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Cloud Creatures Everywhere

  1. I don’t like Siri. Once “she” was accidentally on and I said to Bear, “Hi Sweetie” and Siri answered (She’s British) “Hello Sweetums.” It was Philip K Dick all over the place. No, no no no.

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  2. The clouds are everywhere! We don’t get a lot of clouds. We get the gloomy overcast ranging from white (snow coming!) to gloomy dark gray (rain, rain, go away). Clouds are rather more rare and sometimes, quite spectacular. Except the ones that hold our data and they are just plain scary.

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