Good Morning

Hospital Bed

For those that do not now, the photo is of my bed in the local hospital where I spent the last week. For those that got the message online somehow, I am back from my stay at the hospital at home and trying to get back to the old routine.

These things always happen when you least expect them to happen. As I left the shower in the morning one foot did not connect with the other but the hard wooden floor connected with my hip bone which got a crack down the  middle. The surgeon said I was lucky as it was a clean crack. I did not really appreciate the comment. Anyhow delivered to the hospital on Sunday morning and Sunday evening operated from 9.00 pm until about 11.30 pm. At my own request I did not want to knock out aneasthetic but the injection in the back that lames you. That was quite good as I got all the action. It was when they began to use a drill on my knee that it got a bit noisy. I have bits and pieces of metal in my thigh and two parallel pins in my knee – yes, I have become the bionic woman.

The first two days were not very pleasant as my digestive system refused to accept the wonderful hospital food, but on the third day I was ready to go, although not very fast. I got some physio therapy in the hospital from two young ladies and managed a few short walks with a zimmerframe. Eventually their boss turned up and asked why I was laying in bed most of the day. She was one of these energetic Amazon type women. I told her that when you bring up 4 kids, cook, do laundry and clean all you married life (almost 50 years) you tend to make the most of the times when you can relax and not have to do anything. This was apparently wrong, as I should now work to be fit again. There is never peace for the wicked, so they say. I more or less got bed ban and so I began to sit in a chair, although that hospital bed was so comfortable.

And now back home facing the hard realities of daily blogging and photography. I am not sure how regularly I will be calling in at the moment, as there will be a few things to deal with, but it is now the week-end. Although the housework is now down to a minimum so I have more time to blog.

Those of your that got the message, I would like to thank for your comments and sympathy, but weeds do not die, they spread and take over, so I still have a good chance. I have so much to catch up on at the moment, so please forgive me if I am a bit slow acknowledging all your kind comments. At least I now have something completely different to write about, and some of those doctors in the hospital really are Brad Pitt Lookalikes: shame they have to wear masks when they are operating.

And now to move on there are things to do, like taking a shower and speeding around with my mobile carriage on wheels.

See you later, keep well and be careful where you tread. Danger hovers in every corner, on every floor and make sure that your feet remain attached to your body. 🙂

Solothurn Hospital

Before I forget, a view from my hospital window, through their dirty windows. They are building a new wing to the hospital opposite, hence the crane.

54 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I was being operated but not with full anaesthetic so I knew what was going on. It was really a shame that I didn’t have my camera with me, but the chief orthopedic showed me the x-Rays of my hip afterwards. Again I forgot to take a photo, although I might have the chance on my next appointment. Isn’t high tech wonderful.

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  1. Pat–it is so good to hear from you. Marilyn let us know what happened, and that was such a relief. I hope Tabby cuts you a little slack now that you are back home. Best wishes for a great recovery and much love from across the pond.

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    • It will probably be some time before they let me out on a wheelie again, but at the moment I am glad to lead a peaceful life. Always look on the bright side of life, you do not know how long it will stay bright.

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  2. You are one strong woman. If I may, just start fresh blogging today. Read the blogs you like to read and don’t hassle the commenting. We all know and love you. Just take care of yourself.

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    • I actually thought to take it more easy with blogging, but realised that I am glad to be back and have a purpose in my computer life. I have now shifted my place for blogging in the appartment as everyone wants to keep an eye on me.


  3. The only time I ever cracked a bone was after I had been visiting my mom in hospital after she had had a fall and fractured her femur. The front porch was dark and I missed my footing on a small step and my foot twisted! Fortunately my daughter was with me but I still had to walk to the car and drive home! What I did enjoy was being booked off work for 3 weeks but it did get a bit boring because I couldn’t do much.

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  4. So glad to see you again. Do what you need to do to help the bone heal — and blog when you have the time and inclination to do so. We’ll miss you, but taking care of yourself is much more important. And do be careful when you’re out in the wheelchair!

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    • I think the world of chairs as ganged up on me. I fell out of the office chair this afternoon. An hour later I manged to get on my legs again. I think I will have to wear a parachute and suite of armour.


  5. Dear Pat, sorry I missed your fall, but I’m so glad you’re up and about again, with everything safely pinned together. Good that you have your ‘motor’ and Mr Swiss to make your recovery a bit easier. Take care, and lots of photos of better views than from your hospital window – rather depressing sight, wasn’t it?

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    • I am not going places for photos at the moment, so it will probably be the front and back garden with a few colourful skies if we get them. It was definitely fall of the year and be glad you missed it, or perhaps you heard it over the Pond.


      • You know, bathrooms can be lethal. I remember holding onto the door once when dressing and it swung away making me fall into the empty tub; nothing broken but my, was it hard! Now I’m careful to hold onto the counter!

        And what about those fancy walk-in bathtubs with the power jets? They look so tempting, but you have to get in with it empty, sit and wait for it to fill up, and then after the lovely soaking, wait for it to empty before you can open the door to get out. What keeps you warm while that happens I wonder? The glossy ads never mention that.

        Well, being British I mostly top and tail so my bathroom isn’t such a danger so far.

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  6. In every one of the surgeries I’ve had that was not under full anesthesia, I BEGGED them to let me watch. Even on the screen. I just find it fascinating and they were horrified! “OH NO, you’d faint!” say said.

    “No, I wouldn’t,” I said and I wouldn’t have. But they never let me. I figure if they are going to take a few carving items to my body, the least they could do is let me watch, don’t you think? Save me some of the good pictures so I can post them?

    ONLY one doctor — the heart guy — gave me an old pacemaker so I could make pictures for my site. HE at least, understood.

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    • I have had a few operations where I was awake, but they always cover the action up unfortunately. This time I just got the full sound effects of the drill as it went through the knee. I spoke to the surgeon afterwards and he laughed. I will be seeing him at the end of March and will definitely take a few photos from the x-rays of my inner bone life.


  7. Glad to hear you are home Pat. It is amazing how bones are able to mend themselves back to together- I watched my broken elbow (with plate & 6 screws) on xray regenerate each passing month. Stay well and hope the healing goes well for you

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  8. I am so sorry to read about all this; but it is good to also read that you are now recovering efficiently. It has been odd to not see your daily blogs, and the Good Morning blogs at midnight, just before or after mine post. Your posts were some of the first ones I read when I started in September.

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