Daily Prompt: Great Silhouttes

I am a little later today. Amongst other things I just watched the livestream showing Airforce 1 with Trump leaving Switzerland who has now also become a silhouette. It is really a big plane and so you can now have him again Americans. Did you miss him? Probably not. He was 24 hours in Switzerland speaking to other politicians and did the grand finale today with his closing speech which was mostly repeating everything he said three times and not only telling us how great America is (might be even greater without Trump) but telling us above all how great he is himself. They were the parts he repeated most of all. He even spoke to our presdient this morning, Alain Berset, telling him  how great Switzerland is as well. And Trump is a real expert on greatness.

So now to today’s theme, the silhoutte.

Silhouette Paper Cut

Making silhouttes is a hobby in some parts of Switzerland in the parts where they have folklore as one of their specialities. We call them “Scherenschnitt” which literally translated would be “scissor cut” and they are works of art. The cutters have a special small scissor and they cut carefully on the black paper to any pattern you would like.

We were visiting the Bernese Overland on the annual excursion from my husband’s company and you always get a few interesting events. This time we visited a lady that  cut silhouttes. She gave a demonstration of how it is done. Mr. Swiss worked  for the Volvo trucks at the time, and we were a group of people from the company. The lady said we could request a subject and she would create the silhouette. The request was for a truck. Otherwise it was all typical Swiss scenes.  As a goodbye gift we were all given such a cutting in a frame. You can buy them in a sourvenir shop, but they are very expensive as they are all done in handwork. The young lady that did this cutting signed it with the date.

I wonder if Donald Trump got one as a gift from the Swiss government. Actually he did not get any special honours in Switzerland as he was not here on an official invitation, but just to attend a World Economic Forum conference which he seemed to confuse with a Trump First conference. If I had a super telescope and it would be a clear day I could now see him winging his way to the North of my village, but the plane is now probably too high in the clouds. I have flown the route myself to the states, every year to England when my dad was still alive. You can even see our local house mountain from the plane as it flies past.

Daily Prompt: Great Silhouttes

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Great Silhouttes

  1. was there NO castle dungeon to leave him in? None? sigh, well I suppose you guys had to send him back. Maybe his plane will go to Columbia instead. we can only hope.

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  2. I have watched people cut those silhouettes and they make it look so easy. I tried it. It was NOT easy.

    I’m sorry Trump didn’t stay longer at your place. Many of us hope he will take a permanent vacation. Don’t forget your golf clubs, Donald!

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    • Silhouette cutting is very difficuilt. It is so small and neat. You cannot just fold the paper and make a paper dolly, they are works of art.
      I had to laugh when Trump walked from his helicopter (the only time I saw him walking outside) to his waiting car. I had a good look at his shoes as I though he would have been equipped with high profile ski shoes due to the snow on the ground, but he was wearing his usual black leather suit shoes. However he managed the few steps to the car without falling. He had a guy with him carrying his luggage.

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  3. I was happy to see th Zürichberg behind Air Force One in one of the photos of Trump’s landing. It doesn’t matter what he does or says, those who love him, love blindly and the rest of us are just muddling through… 😦 Thanks for sending him back. It’s better if he stays here. It save us a small measure of embarrassment.

    In OTHER news, I love the silhouettes. They’re pretty amazing.

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    • Really Martha. That was your wonderful “president” and you were looking at the Zürichberg. You should be ashamed of yourself. I was following all his movements in Switzerland by live ticker. I would have gone to Davos, but there was too much snow. It would have been the chance of a lifetime to see a president in real life, or was it just a lookalike.
      Those silhouettes are something special. They are expensive to by, a small one costs about 50 Swiss francs.

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      • Yeah but I love the Zürichberg. ❤ And the forests near the airport — my Swiss family lived in Wallisellen, not far from Kloten, and in the forest was a hand-carved wooden sign pointing to nearby towns. The word "Kloten" had an airplane carved over it. 🙂

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        • Every time my plane touched down for Zürich I had the feeling we would be landing on a field surrounded by a landscape of trees. I know Wallisellen, my step daughter had her reception there after her second marriage and we stayed the night in a hotel. Didn’t see any forest however, we were in the village.

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