Good Morning


Today we have clouds, nice clouds, real clouds. Switzerland was having weather problems. It all started with various mountain resorts being cut off from the world because of heavy snow falls, and avalanche problems. Yesterday we had a landslide between Goschenen and Airolo meaning that all traffic to the Italian part of Switzerland was blocked by road and rail. They are still working on that one.

Rain 22.01 (1)

Whilst all this was going on in the highlands, we in the lowlands got the rain. It rained continuously for a day yesterday and this was the view on the path in next to our front garden. It is not a river, actually not so deep, but it was typical of the daily deluge. We are on a higher level to the river down below, although there was no actual flooding. This morning it seems it never happened. The clouds are back, a blue sky and perhaps even some sun: just in time for the visit of Trump tomorrow. His team are already here, preparing the way. Switzerland was sinking in snow and rain and we really only a small country.

Road to Langendorf 22.01 (15)

Yesterday’s trip to the supermarket by car looked like this. Wet roads everywhere and puddles where the rain collected. Needless to say I was home bound after the shopping trip. I am hoping to escape again this afternoon, although am not so sure where to go. After my last eventful trip to the cemetery, it is now on the banned list as when you drive through mud and sludge in a wheelchair it does tend to leave traces in the appartment afterwards when you park it.


To add to the positivity of the day, my last amaryllis is flowering. It is the second flower stalk on this amaryllis and all four flowers are opening at once. Usually you get two and after a while, when they are giving up the flower ghost, the other two open up. This time we have a four flower display.

I now have a few windows to polish up after the rain, but no big problem. I have that on tomorrow’s agenda, today it is the bathroom which I really hate doing, but I have nothing better to do all day.

Lately I have been busy tying up a few loose ends I had left in England. My father died almost 2 years ago and I am now a golden oldie and my journeys to England are now finished. I have had to make a couple of telephone calls to official places and got the old “please hold the line we will deal with you”  or “press button 1 for etc. etc.”. This is ok if you are calling in England, but Swiss phone calls can get expensive. I remember when I had to deal with my dad’s stuff when he passed away. I had extra costs of about 200 swiss francs on my telephone bill. When I have completed my business my english connections will  at last be finalised.

And now to go and concentrate on my housewife hobbies. Look after yourselves, take care and see you on the sunny side later. I will leave you with yet another wonderful sunrise with no clouds, rain or snow, just a normal day somewhere in the middle of Switzerland where the cows and hedgehogs say goodnight and good morning to each other.

Sunrise clouds

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It only rained once yesterday. It began in the night before and finished some time in the middle of last night. The last time we had so much rain and snow in Switzerland was 1999 apparently.

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  2. Your rain has arrived in Massachusetts. It is POURING. Although I think it is beginning to ease off because the last toy Duke dragged in wasn’t as disgusting as the one he dragged in on his previous visit from the great out of doors.

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    • Today we were rainfree, but Friday will be the begin of the Monson season. We have big trouble in Switzerland with landslides caused by the rain. A local train got derailed.


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